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  • 47w ago ananth_makka ananth_makka

    dnt go too close till last min.. plz we need to see a leading win without any pressure.... bec of that two pressure wins... we making high sounds in room... it becoming compliant in apartment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 46w ago veera4013 veera4013

    Superb defens team

  • 46w ago lovely_anu_rai lovely_anu_rai

    Bahut bdhiya

  • 46w ago lovely_anu_rai lovely_anu_rai

    All the best @tamilthalaivas for tonight

  • 46w ago sofi.selvam sofi.selvam

    Super defense thalaivas

  • 46w ago nivetha_sr nivetha_sr

    pakka defending!! by thalaivas!!


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