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Exhausted, confused and frightened. She fought desperately as they dragged her by a rope around her neck. She was visibly trembling as she tried to hide under a kitchen bench in Malaysia, a world away from her Aussie home. Knives were being sharpened in front of her.
Australian live exporters sent her here.
She had been illegally sold for 'home' slaughter. She fought every step of the way — from the street, to the car, up the steps of the apartment building where she would draw her final breath. Pinned on her back on the kitchen floor of a suburban home, she was fully conscious when her throat was cut.
While she suffered, Australia's live export industry was lauding the success of its 'no fear, no pain' policy during the notoriously cruel 'Festival of Sacrifice'.
Join us in the fight to free animals from Australia's cruellest trade: [LINK IN PROFILE]
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  • 72w ago jadecara26 jadecara26

    Horrible, so so sad

  • 72w ago kamiputi kamiputi


  • 72w ago patlom2210 patlom2210


  • 72w ago cchafff cchafff

    That is so heartbreaking I have a pet sheep and she is smart , scared of some things , attached to the family , comes when we call her, goes to bed ( her enclosure) at night , when we tell her to. So to see they are treated this way makes me sick because I know they feel and think just like your pet dog 💔💔

  • 72w ago claudelynn_caringvegan claudelynn_caringvegan


  • 72w ago susan.ig susan.ig


  • 72w ago binkle75 binkle75


  • 72w ago salmonte79 salmonte79

    😰😨💔this is so beyond heartbreaking why is this allowed to happen ... let me think greed and profit and humans thinking we have ownership of animals.

  • 72w ago dazzymac dazzymac

    So sad 😥

  • 72w ago debdigsdogs debdigsdogs

    This is beyond heartbreaking! There will be a day of reckoning for those who slaughter innocent animals for sport or any other reason. Beyond heartbreaking 💔

  • 72w ago rustytotherescue rustytotherescue


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  • 72w ago crystal_clarke crystal_clarke


  • 72w ago rachieinwonderland rachieinwonderland


  • 72w ago nannysandyloves nannysandyloves

    It's like a stab to the heart every time I see these beautiful animals being to abused in the name of religion. If religion was a disease we would all be dead by now so much abuse.

  • 72w ago sandgroper_mike sandgroper_mike

    Humans can be such c@#ts 😢

  • 72w ago bduscio bduscio

    😢I am so broken by these stories. Our politicians must be robots. How can this happen?

  • 72w ago trish.horvath8 trish.horvath8

    Poor babies!! 😓

  • 72w ago burgessgayle burgessgayle

    Makes me sick how we as a majority EVER allow this .. why oh why can’t more people see through the eyes of another like we can .. I just don’t get it 😳😓

  • 72w ago burgessgayle burgessgayle

    @bduscio makes me break In half how they sleep at night ! ☠️

  • 72w ago burgessgayle burgessgayle

    @nannysandyloves so many questions how humans can be like this 😡

  • 72w ago kathyjojenkins kathyjojenkins

    I don't get why people are so cruel 😓😓

  • 72w ago k_insect k_insect


  • 72w ago 71bearish 71bearish

    @kathyjojenkins Yeah me too what happend to being friends with them

  • 72w ago 71bearish 71bearish

    @k_insect I Feel Tge Exact Way You Do

  • 72w ago suzi_millar60 suzi_millar60

    I'll never understand the human race 😢

  • 72w ago hal3yjane hal3yjane


  • 72w ago boutiquecasabeli boutiquecasabeli

    Justicia para los animalitos y castigos para todos los maltratadores y criminales de animalitos

  • 72w ago lunabella23 lunabella23

    Why are we doing this?😪

  • 72w ago larn_official larn_official

    How sad ☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • 72w ago geronimo007i geronimo007i

    RIP little sheep 🐑🌈

  • 71w ago rachaelhowkins rachaelhowkins

    Greedy heartless humans 😢 💔 💔 💔

  • 71w ago mabel.j mabel.j

    😡😢😢💔💔 there is no respect for animals heartless people!

  • 71w ago little.kibbles little.kibbles


  • 68w ago sevdaamirmadar sevdaamirmadar

    animal lover follow me

  • 27w ago rexlarge rexlarge

    @animalsaustralia are u vegan to post this?

  • 27w ago theunapologeticvegan theunapologeticvegan

    @rexlarge of course they are.

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