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Last Sunday we hired this beautiful Toyota Kluger from @Europcar
I really enjoyed our trip to Blue Mountains. I felt like I've driven this car for ages even though it twice as big as my mitsu mirage. Two things that can be improved: 1) Big family car for long trips? I'm not sure about it - driver's seat doesn't have a lower back support. My lower back was quite sore after only 350km.
2) During the night time I don't like to annoy people with my lights so I would like to able to adjust the level of my headlight in the dense traffic. Couldn't find the adjuster.
And one interesting thing.... controls on the steering wheel. You would think that buttons on the right side will help you to play with a dashboard display. Toyota thought different. Only 'DISP' does the dashboard. All the rest control the 'entertainment system'. ....strange
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