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Happy Monday! So, I think I inadvertently created a challenge, you guys! I've been writing my newsletter and doing these hot tips every week to help make sure fun shows up consistently and I suddenly realized if I challenge you to do them with me, IT WILL BE LEGIT. 👊🏼#slowlearneralways

So, will you join my challenge? 😂⠀

Last week's (which I'm carrying over) is one of my faves because it is: DO SOMETHING FOR THE PURE JOY OF IT. 😱 WHAT!?!?! Noooooooo! Don't make me do fun things!!!!!⠀ Seriously, though, I challenge you to do one thing this week for the sole reason that it's fun. Not because it moves you further ahead in life or makes you a better person or gives you a tighter rear; you're doing it because it brings you joy and THAT'S REASON ENOUGH. ⠀

I'm kicking us off with a stack of books that have nothing to do with business or personal growth and are all about bringing me happiness because reading is my favorite thing. The wine in a can is an added bonus because, you guys, IT'S WINE IN A CAN.⠀ Want to play along? 💃🏻 Show me what you're doing with #seriousfunchallenge. And you can also check out more about this tip on the blog 👆🏼 or sign up for my newsletter for the rest of the tips and, OMG, LET'S GO HAVE FUN!


  • 46w ago estaruadamadalena estaruadamadalena

    Can you believe I've been challenging myself to do this for MONTHS?? (If not years...) It's sad that lately I can rarely achieve that FUN for FUN feeling. How do you do it? In my case I often end up most of the times interrupting whatever I was wanting to do because some sort of unexpected thing needs my immediate attention. Don't ask... 😅 I probably just need to learn more about managing my time and energy 😂 It's the first time that I see wine in a can! Here in Spain you can find it in bricks, like if it was juice or milk 😄

  • 46w ago howfab howfab

    @estaruadamadalena I just think it's so good you keep at it! For me, I literally make it a priority in the same way I do exercise or sleep because it keeps me sane and makes me a better person. 😬It sounds crazy but I believe having consistent fun takes practice like anything else so KEEP PRACTICING. 😂👊🏼👌🏼😍xx. And I like the idea of a brick of wine. Spain is so cool. ❤️

  • 46w ago estaruadamadalena estaruadamadalena

    Thank you for your support!! 😊 You're wonderful and you have a quite beautiful and special energy, there's happiness around you!!✨💃🌟 😄 It's not crazy at all the idea of practicing to have fun! It's great and inspiring!! 😉

  • 46w ago freerangecharl freerangecharl

    Loving the sound of this challenge!

  • 43w ago sundrenchd sundrenchd

    Love this wine 😍😍😍

  • 43w ago lisaseguratx lisaseguratx

    Love this! Challenge accepted.


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