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Ab mirror turned baby bump mirror💙! So much love for my little man I've never met. About one year in between these two picture. Last year this time I was on prep for Miami nationals after I had prepped from march to August for two back to back August competitions. I was burnt out. I had an anxiety building up while prepping for Miami. An anxiety that was crippling, I don't think even my closest friends or family even knew at the time. I almost backed out 35 times, with an email typed up for my then coach that I was dropping out of that competition. I had anxiety in all areas of my life. I was truly miserable. I didn't even enjoy being lean with abs, because I didn't see it, each day I was fighting to be leaner and leaner for the competition that I didn't realize how I looked each day. After competing in November my life became a blur through April of this year. (Recent posts explained it, 24 posts back to be exact lol) I didn't want to live. I wanted to take my life in march if this year. I had stopped praying and a handle of titos vodka became my comfort. It was a nightmare. I never thought the pain of what I went through would end. But God who I had abandoned, found me and brought me back to Him. He blessed me in so many ways. Currently carrying one of the many blessings in my belly...


  • 64w ago littlebingsu littlebingsu

    I wish these would stop popping up in my feed....

  • 64w ago jodge__ jodge__

    I like the curvature or photo 2. You're glowing.

  • 63w ago megcop7630 megcop7630

    Omg im in the same boat as you right now!

  • 63w ago bri.manes bri.manes

    @diva_andthetwins this reminded me of you talking about the comp you did

  • 63w ago heidihojo heidihojo

    Carrying a baby looks so good on you! Your face looks content and full of joy! 💙💙 what an amazing journey! Thankful for God’s grace that meets us where we are at!

  • 63w ago zee_nyc zee_nyc

    are those big ass preggo titties or implants?

  • 63w ago ellaxarnold ellaxarnold


  • 63w ago mrsdrakulic0909 mrsdrakulic0909


  • 63w ago hairbytoniaubuchon hairbytoniaubuchon

    You look so much younger and sexier with some softness on you! Rock it girl.

  • 63w ago morgbrown18 morgbrown18

    This is beautiful❤️ God is so good!

  • 63w ago sweeterbabyproducts sweeterbabyproducts

    you look great momma 💕❣️

  • 63w ago grainfreegirl grainfreegirl

    Wow. Bless you and your family. He works in mysterious and always come thru when we need Him most. Thanks for sharing ❤️

  • 63w ago motorstix10z motorstix10z

    @elisei12 retard alert

  • 63w ago sofa_king_lou sofa_king_lou

    I totally dig your story!

  • 63w ago riciwe riciwe

    Oh wow!! Praise god for touching you in this way!! You look lovey dear!!

  • 63w ago lionflame__ lionflame__


  • 63w ago sharkyy55 sharkyy55

    Great post, I needed to hear this

  • 63w ago jsmithwest jsmithwest

    You would love the book Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle if you haven't read it!!! Your story reminded me of the book, I couldn't put it down 💗

  • 63w ago tatumtotcosplay tatumtotcosplay

    Aw ❤

  • 63w ago blessedmotherhoodlife blessedmotherhoodlife

    @jsmithwest I'll look for it thanks!

  • 63w ago kirstenelainejones kirstenelainejones

    Thanks for sharing!

  • 63w ago ihart2913 ihart2913

    I can not wait to see how beautiful your little boy is going to be!!! You are most definitely glowing in every picture you have recently post!

  • 63w ago inversiongirl inversiongirl


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  • 63w ago ms.duchfit ms.duchfit


  • 63w ago thelovelycranewife thelovelycranewife

    You look so amazing and beautiful and healthy!! U are glowing! I'm so glad that you are in a good place now! You deserve to be happy!!

  • 63w ago secrets2successes secrets2successes


  • 63w ago zimmpic zimmpic

    You look beautiful pregnant, that glow! You are going to love being a mom.

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  • 63w ago ljhintz ljhintz

    You look so much healthier and happier now ! Gods amazing :)

  • 63w ago jarrah_hustler_hair jarrah_hustler_hair

    You look amazing! Beautiful mummy to be!

  • 63w ago scorpioseason82 scorpioseason82

    You look so much more happy and healthy with the baby bump. Good luck!

  • 63w ago jmcpopkids jmcpopkids

    Omg I'm crying so much reading this!! God is so great! Congrats on your blessing!

  • 63w ago rrr.9 rrr.9

    I enjoyed reading 💪💜 go forward champ 🌷

  • 61w ago shushka84 shushka84

    Wow. This is so powerful. Do you think you'll compete somewhere down the road? I've considered competing for years, but don't know if I could handle it mentally

  • 61w ago blessedmotherhoodlife blessedmotherhoodlife

    @shushka84 I don't think so, part of me loves it but I sacrifice a lot to do it and im not sure im willing to miss out on life for it or become obsessive again, it was hard to break free of it

  • 61w ago shushka84 shushka84

    @brittanylee728 my dad and his twin both competed in the early-mid 90's and a part of me wants to give it a shot. BUT I also struggled with anorexia in college and a little beyond, so I'm worried it'll turn into a bad obsession. Plus, I have a 7yr old daughter and I worry what observing the process would do to her

  • 61w ago blessedmotherhoodlife blessedmotherhoodlife

    @shushka84 honestly knowing your past, be in a very good spot mentally if you'll start

  • 46w ago daydaywilson daydaywilson

    @hilareealyssa love her story ❤️ reminds me of how far you’ve come! Love you!

  • 41w ago straightuplex straightuplex

    Wow, look at the difference in your face alone! So much healthier and happier. Congratulations!

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