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Instagram post by @dallascowboys Dallas Cowboys

Zeke loading up for Monday Night Football. #DALvsAZ


  • 25w ago _missbeccaaa _missbeccaaa

    Sorry but can you like post a picture of Dez Bryan pls

  • 25w ago xjordynalanaax xjordynalanaax


  • 25w ago danmp2001 danmp2001

    Guys should be standing.

  • 25w ago defaltmode defaltmode

    @dallascowboys I thought Zeke was suspended till Week 6? What happened?

  • 25w ago chasemoll chasemoll


  • 25w ago jostan1 jostan1

    Keep it classy! You are better than the rest!

  • 25w ago felixsanchez33 felixsanchez33

    Get that punk off your photo stream till he straightens up. Loser.

  • 25w ago jamiesuegorton jamiesuegorton

    @aprilmarielock this looks like chad Iโ€™m telling you

  • 25w ago koilotus1978 koilotus1978

    @jake_johnson245 I know what is about..you of all people cannot educate hence why I did not read your essay. The fact that you don't get it shows that you are absorbed by the benefits of your white privilege

  • 25w ago jake_johnson245 jake_johnson245

    @metamorph1978 if you wouldve read my essay you would have noticed i did not inherently disagree or agree with you. You have your beliefs and i have mine. Therefore i did not say your beliefs are wrong i was just simply asking you to observe a different aspect of the spectrum.

  • 25w ago koilotus1978 koilotus1978

    @jake_johnson245 bye....cowboys took a knee you lose

  • 25w ago koilotus1978 koilotus1978

    @momin3d they took a knee

  • 25w ago alex.comi alex.comi

    @alexfortin_deds Check moi la tete

  • 25w ago tbon007 tbon007

    @metamorph1978 the cowboys took a knee before the anthem started in prayer then got up for the anthem locked in arms... you're ignorance confounds me white privilege does not exist merely because you say so

  • 25w ago koilotus1978 koilotus1978

    @tbon007 doesn't matter. They acknowledge the issue

  • 25w ago tbon007 tbon007

    @metamorph1978 how is that a problem or a bad thing

  • 25w ago wendyynyc wendyynyc


  • 25w ago koilotus1978 koilotus1978

    @tbon007 actually upon further thought I don't support their decision. I realize that them doing when the anthem isn't playing negates the purpose of protest and it means Jerry was allowed to play puppet master. Can ride with this one. Disappointed and done talking to you

  • 25w ago jake_johnson245 jake_johnson245

    @metamorph1978 i would thoroughly enjoy hearing your point of view. Please explain your definition of white privilege to me as well as the racial divide and racism you have personally experienced. I want to better understand your views on the subject from you and not what the media portrays. Both cnn and fox are completely biased and i dont trust either of them fully. So i would like your personal experiences and struggles and i will give you my point of view and a background of where my views come from. Maybe from this we can better understand each other.

  • 25w ago leslie.creamer leslie.creamer

    WHAT is the name of your shoulder carriager

  • 25w ago leslie.creamer leslie.creamer


  • 25w ago tacosandcoldbeer tacosandcoldbeer


  • 25w ago kennedileigh kennedileigh


  • 25w ago catchycaptions catchycaptions

    HEY BAE!!! I love u!!

  • 24w ago paulag1060 paulag1060

    Paola guevara

  • 24w ago ritapurnell ritapurnell

    Zeke! We love you

  • 24w ago jjag1954 jjag1954

    My boy ZEKE

  • 24w ago jusufekic jusufekic


  • 24w ago lynneegayle56 lynneegayle56


  • 24w ago callgodii callgodii

    Dressed like he going to court ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • 23w ago l.cowboy.nation.l l.cowboy.nation.l

    You should check out my page and give me a follow ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ช

  • 23w ago emmettreynolds_ emmettreynolds_


  • 23w ago junior.roxx junior.roxx


  • 21w ago ganjasmoke916 ganjasmoke916


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