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Energy in the dark #batteryblackparty


  • 52w ago i_loverock_maj i_loverock_maj

    Handsome like always 😘

  • 52w ago icequeen_subrine icequeen_subrine

    Nice one !

  • 52w ago camy14live camy14live


  • 52w ago only_adam_lambert only_adam_lambert

    Omgg😍so beautiful!❤

  • 52w ago imherefye imherefye

    oh jesus,Sauli you are so cutie! I love it! awww💓

  • 52w ago 1982adamlambert 1982adamlambert

    @saulikoskinen you look so damn good

  • 52w ago im_the_pizzanator im_the_pizzanator

    I love you Sauli!!!!!!!!!!

  • 52w ago saulikoskinenpictures saulikoskinenpictures

    Great picture of you and Saara and your friends Sauli 😃

  • 52w ago ihanakesa ihanakesa

    Komeutta ja kauneutta

  • 52w ago luminousautumn luminousautumn

    Looking great!

  • 52w ago nannacars nannacars

    Sauli you are definitely one of the worlds' most beautiful men, 💕

  • 52w ago ralusuta ralusuta

    Beautiful, Sauli! 😘❤️

  • 52w ago irish1139 irish1139

    Sauli, you are my second favorite man in the world and I love you as much as the other one. Sometimes it is a toss-up.

  • 52w ago kmarialun kmarialun

  • 52w ago beata_zdunczyk beata_zdunczyk

    Sauli, you're looking great !!! 😃👍🏼👌🏼

  • 52w ago marcusm777 marcusm777

    Looking veey cool Sauli ✌💕

  • 51w ago andrea1glambert andrea1glambert

    Luv ur hairstyle Sauli!😄

  • 51w ago runnin_away_with_fever_12 runnin_away_with_fever_12

    pretty af

  • 51w ago lenboks lenboks

    Возмужал очень, Саули!

  • 51w ago charm.heart charm.heart

    You look gorgeous❤️

  • 51w ago annamglambert annamglambert

    Why you delete your story with Adam????

  • 51w ago annamglambert annamglambert

    I don't want to be mean . I don't want to judge you but i don't really understand went to Queen + Adam Lambert show and just posted a picture May And Taylor...didn't congrats Adam's birthdays or didn't answer his tweets for you bday at least on social media ....i don't really know how to think about these things....Adam said you are good friends but You don't act like one

  • 51w ago petraruu petraruu

    Well @annamglambert, life and friendships don't happen just in social media. 😉

  • 51w ago ladanmart ladanmart

    Sauli, enjoying your IG stories from Greece. Also share a permanent picture or video if you can 😊😉


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