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Please read!!! Having a special someone should add value to your life, not subtract. It's easy to loose yourself in the process. Know when you're ready to build together #knowwhatyouwant #knowyourworth
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I see it... I see how easily we will go the distance to prove our desire to be loved, by that person! In the midst of giving all of you, for just a chance to feel that love being given in slowly begin to loose yourself! Seeking for understanding of why you're not enough... but let me tell you, YOU CAN NEVER be ENOUGH for the wrong person!! To the right people you were and will always remain enough, people that are truely meant to love you...will see passed your flaws, there will be a clear understanding of your purpose in being in THEIR LIFE! THEY WONT COMPROMISE ANYTHING for it! You gotta hold onto YOU...continue to grow and continue to love, but remember you will never have to beg for those to be in your life, thats meant to be in it! You're a blessing!!! #inspiration #love #goals


  • 39w ago msyvoonneeee msyvoonneeee

    Super picture!! look forward to bump into you soon in future during my visit to your country...

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