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Some of you have already seen my teaser on Stories and now i am officially announcing it here too. In less than a month I will be heading with @lageorgienne to Cuba to shoot a new series of images about Cuban floors!! I am so excited for this as I have been dreaming about going there again shooting all the crazy beautiful old tile floors since I started the parisian floors project. Now I finally made it happen.
Any recommendations for locations with cool floors in Cuba are always welcome πŸ˜‰.
Most of you are also aware of the fact that the country had been hit by hurricane Irma recently and some parts of the island are still struggeling. We are trying to help a little by taking some extra stuff like medicine, clothes, hygiene products with us and donate them locally. For the moment we are planning to donate them to a church organization but if anyone of you as a better recommendation, feel free to DM me!
Meanwhile enjoy your sundays!



  • 47w ago chucksandchanel chucksandchanel

    πŸ”΅βšͺοΈπŸ”΄ superbe

  • 47w ago jacquesantoinel jacquesantoinel


  • 47w ago

    Well done job πŸ‘

  • 47w ago michzmich michzmich

    Spent a month in Cuba. Floors insane & cant wait to see yr pics. I took lots of inexpensive toiletries for women (soaps/toothbrush etc) as superexpensive/ also donate your traveling clothes/ shoes before u leave/ stickers/coloured pencils/pens for kids. In other words- take a full suitcase, come back empty also buy some street artwork & enjoy the music & dancing! Beautiful Cuban people & amazing country..!

  • 47w ago parisianfloors parisianfloors

    @michzmich thanks for the input, yeah exactly what we are planning for the moment

  • 47w ago sofkagogolauri sofkagogolauri


  • 47w ago onemassiveflood_ onemassiveflood_

    Love love love, it's tiles like these that inspire me to paint them :-) I like your shoes too πŸ‘Œ

  • 47w ago greatjuditherine greatjuditherine


  • 47w ago brunettepetitepanda brunettepetitepanda

    Awesome 😍 The color combination is impressive πŸ’—

  • 47w ago mcablanm mcablanm

    They were hit 60 years ago by Hurricane Fidel Castro... total devastation until this day

  • 47w ago eroskitwo eroskitwo

    Que suelo mΓ‘s bonito!

  • 47w ago nelipicassa nelipicassa

    I love these patchwork carreaux de ciment! ❀

  • 47w ago msalazarphotography msalazarphotography

    Love your pics! Congrats for your trip! I want to go also, but don't planned yet.

  • 47w ago martinlavaselli martinlavaselli


  • 47w ago chris_h204263 chris_h204263

    I love your page but loafers with a fur trim are a big no for me. I wish more people could see where I'm coming from on the issue of fur in fashion. Feel free to look at my recent posts.

  • 47w ago cainite_ cainite_

    Amazing floor!

  • 47w ago domenico_casamassima domenico_casamassima


  • 47w ago jacquelinecoumans jacquelinecoumans

    that will be amazing !

  • 47w ago manchotentwingo manchotentwingo

    That's so nice of you, and Congratulations for your project πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • 47w ago sallyoborn sallyoborn

    Holy Moly!!!this one is a gem! With all that pattern, dark shoes are the same choice! πŸ‘

  • 47w ago parisianfloors parisianfloors

    @chris_h204263 it’s lamb fur ;-)

  • 47w ago sallyoborn sallyoborn

    Sane choice

  • 47w ago bodhikah bodhikah

    Love it!πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • 46w ago kristinelsolli kristinelsolli


  • 46w ago morningatthemarket morningatthemarket


  • 46w ago susiesunflower susiesunflower

    I look forward to the Cubano photos!!!

  • 46w ago katjarsax katjarsax


  • 46w ago thepangeaman thepangeaman

    Love itπŸ€™πŸ»

  • 46w ago floorsandflowers floorsandflowers

    Hi! I'm currently featuring my Cuban floor finds from a month ago! Most stores and homes have beautiful tiles (albeit a little worn and old). Most of the fancy hotels don't have any classic tiles so skip those. You'll find treasures in small, family run shops. Also first floor of most apartments have beautiful tiles. I just asked the residents if I can come in a take a photo. Cubans are super friendly! Have a great time! @parisianfloors

  • 46w ago parisianfloors parisianfloors

    @floorsandflowers thanks for the feedback. Yes you confirm my findings and experience from my first trip to Cuba 8 years ago. I am so curious what to find you can’t imagine. Haven’t been that excited to shoot a project in a while, hahaha.

  • 46w ago 2beavertales 2beavertales


  • 46w ago pickybunny pickybunny


  • 46w ago lageorgienne lageorgienne

    Love it ❀️❀️

  • 45w ago theviandante theviandante

    I love your gallery 😍😍

  • 45w ago la_chica_boho la_chica_boho

    So much beautiful vintage tile there!! You're gonna just die!! 😍😍😍

  • 44w ago acediscovery acediscovery

    @parisianfloors @flowersandfloors I saw a lot of the floors you've taken while in Paris this weekend and I'm going to Cuba in January so hopefully more inspiration to come. Thanks for all these great photos! :)

  • 44w ago parisianfloors parisianfloors

    @acediscovery yeah I am so excited to go there next week and what I have seen through my research already Cuba must be a tile heaven! so stay tuned and I am sured you won’t be disappointed in January ;-)

  • 43w ago pollypoom pollypoom

    How to order such beauty?

  • 33w ago angelinadama angelinadama

    @domenico_casamassima eccole!!!! sn proprio loro!!! 😍😍


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