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We think it's time for pole fitness to stop playing "inside baseball." Until now most pole contests have been limited to "of, by, and for the polers" β€” tiny niche events, with audiences consisting of 50% polers and 50% friends-and-family-of-polers.

Well, those days are over. Our founder (@oksanagrishina) is Ms. Olympia, and β€” if you remember your Greek mythology β€” you know that Olympians don't DO "tiny." That's why we've teamed up with The Incredible Hulk to showcase our sport at his weekend-long fitness & bodybuilding extravaganza (@ferrignolegacy).
As part of the Ferrigno Legacy, pole fitness will be featured as a legitimate competitive sport alongside Bodybuilding, CrossFit, and Powerlifting. All this will happen in the state-of-the-art Palm Springs Convention Center in front of a massive general audience of 20,000 attendees and 60,000 live web-stream viewers.

Athlete registration is open to athletes of all nations, genders, ability levels, and ages (18+). To be a part of this unprecedented unveiling of pole fitness to the mainstream population, sign up now at:



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