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Instagram post by @kmac11_ Kalea McFadden (kmac)

Cookies = my weakness 😍😍
What is your weakness??
#saturdayvibes #saturday #life #offseason #freedom #love #cookies #me #food


  • 17w ago tillerbean tillerbean


  • 17w ago tre_griz tre_griz

    True statement and I'm sitting here eating a Monster Cookie at Boston's with my daughter LOL

  • 17w ago pathowez88 pathowez88

    I can make some up if you want

  • 17w ago ruben_m_510209_redcon1 ruben_m_510209_redcon1

    Haha. Reposting

  • 17w ago seanzarek seanzarek

    Depends on the cookies though

  • 17w ago crownoverjody crownoverjody


  • 17w ago gunnerc233 gunnerc233


  • 17w ago hotjavajoe hotjavajoe

    Pizza, cheese doodles, cheese its, steak, bacon, bread, cheese, pasta, sopresatta, butter (yes that is a food to me), coffee, ice cream, Italian food, Chinese food, to Mexican food, Taylor ham egg and cheese, steamers, lobster, Reece's peanut butter cups, kit Kat big block, tiramisu, carpaccio,.. Help me I can't stop!

  • 17w ago gill3000xyz gill3000xyz

    @kmac11_ lmao πŸ˜‚

  • 17w ago derek_utley derek_utley

    Lots of broken bones lol

  • 17w ago thegijoeproject thegijoeproject

    Food....food is my weaknessπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 17w ago tnxt_scottmowry tnxt_scottmowry

    Not if I get Cookie Monster to distract you and then I split them with him....

  • 17w ago tango_grizzy45 tango_grizzy45

    Kay Mizzle!

  • 17w ago slkoepp slkoepp

    If it was Amy's protein balls it be a broken thumb! 😳😰

  • 17w ago slkoepp slkoepp

    Mine be try to take the weights off my bar!!

  • 17w ago keepcalmigotyou keepcalmigotyou

    beautiful women in uniform is my weakness @kmac11_

  • 17w ago humble_simba84 humble_simba84

    Krispy Kreme donuts🍩 and cheesecake🍰

  • 17w ago kyhillbilly80 kyhillbilly80

    Butterscotch pie and milk

  • 17w ago cyoung211987 cyoung211987

    Homemade chocolate chip cookies from scratch with pecans

  • 17w ago m.cemond m.cemond

    Sweet because you can't pick up cookies πŸͺ with broken fingers

  • 17w ago drsuess1973 drsuess1973


  • 17w ago the_cali_dream_machine the_cali_dream_machine

    I just smashed 2 rows of Cookie butter Oreos πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!! #cookiesandicecream

  • 17w ago big_sex_e116 big_sex_e116


  • 17w ago sippidabarber2483 sippidabarber2483


  • 17w ago daringdave7 daringdave7


  • 17w ago cnmetzger cnmetzger

    Man, don't you share @kmac11_ ? LOL

  • 17w ago ksoroky78 ksoroky78

    Oreos for life!!!

  • 17w ago prymal77 prymal77

    Girl Scout Cookies!!!

  • 17w ago _sc_1013 _sc_1013

    I understand completely

  • 17w ago farnellalexander farnellalexander

    Just the dough πŸ™ˆπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  • 16w ago james_constancio james_constancio

    To flipping funny!!!

  • 16w ago thunderdogbuck thunderdogbuck

    Lol good answer big HUGSss!β™‘

  • 16w ago randyj333 randyj333

    Hey I sent you a message but I'll throw out here hopefully it'll get back to you. But your pics are being used on dating sites.. And using Kik messenger sending your pics pretending to be you. I did reverse photo check and found this profile. Pm me and I'll send i what they been doing.

  • 16w ago kmac11_ kmac11_

    @randyj333 Please report the profiles

  • 16w ago randyj333 randyj333

    I did.

  • 16w ago swolfie_ swolfie_


  • 16w ago mikeellis5046 mikeellis5046


  • 16w ago trugrindfitness trugrindfitness


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