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Instagram post by @chrisnorcott Chris Norcott Photography

I thought I was a dead man on this day when someone ran a traffic light and nearly t-boned my car. I'll always remember this day because I lived to spend time with this large male bear while he was using his molars to break open fallen walnuts. It's nice to be in the woods surrounded by sweet bears and away from the crazy rush of society.
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  • 17w ago btwnyounme btwnyounme

    He is a cutie. Looks like he is snarling at you but I guess it is where he is eating walnuts. So cool that you were able to be in his presence. 🙏🏻

  • 17w ago perkes_of_the_outdoors perkes_of_the_outdoors

    Great caption!

  • 17w ago karikariodenbach karikariodenbach

    Such a cute photo. Glad you are still here. 🐾🐻Didn't find a walnut emoji, so 🍺

  • 17w ago photogirltrudy photogirltrudy

    We are glad you're still here too❤️ Amazing photo!! I agree... I would much rather be in nature around wildlife then in the hustle of society.

  • 17w ago wildlife_ley wildlife_ley


  • 17w ago lisasidorsky lisasidorsky

    Glad you are OK. I bet the bears are too. They need people who appreciate them. Awesome photo!

  • 17w ago msrebholder msrebholder

    Looks like he needs a dentist 😜. Great shot!

  • 17w ago sharonmrichards sharonmrichards

    Until I read the post I thought he was growling, not crunching😂

  • 17w ago djodomphotography djodomphotography

    Perfect capture! Glad you made it through. Other people's driving scares me to death.

  • 17w ago tauniobrian tauniobrian

    Your photography truly keeps me sane in an insane world. Thanks so much!

  • 17w ago julieloop21 julieloop21

    I am so happy you are ok❤️ thanks for the beautiful pic

  • 17w ago augustus.artworks augustus.artworks

    Phew! Sorry to read about your close call!

  • 17w ago rbm_photos rbm_photos

    Beautiful photo!

  • 17w ago miclar9871 miclar9871

    🎶🌟🐾👍glad he wasn't after you

  • 17w ago lake_girl_530 lake_girl_530

    That face! ❤️❤️❤️

  • 17w ago martine_vanden martine_vanden

    Oups 😕👏👏👏

  • 17w ago telanat_6 telanat_6

    That is what I was thinking, look at that face!

  • 17w ago lyndalldemere lyndalldemere

    Nice smile!

  • 14w ago cricket_pet_therapy cricket_pet_therapy

    Very cool photo!! Also,glad no accident!

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