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I realised that it's been quite a while since I've last posted something worthwhile... so I decided to change that
This is an original that I started writing a couple months ago, never quite finalised it but I don't think I've shared anything original that wasn't just a riff idea in literally years 😬 anyway here's a song, 'Punching Trees', enjoy or DON'T it's up to you 🎶
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  • 52w ago bohemskyanarchista bohemskyanarchista

    Love it.🖤

  • 52w ago spek_0212 spek_0212

    It sounds so good ❤❤❤

  • 52w ago nusyamay nusyamay

    Check instagram only for you

  • 52w ago floralandfading floralandfading

    this is mad good

  • 52w ago sierra_lupine sierra_lupine

    I want to like this a million times 😍 conor you'r amazing❤

  • 52w ago cantora_sandraalves6 cantora_sandraalves6

    God blesse you !

  • 52w ago createdbywaju createdbywaju


  • 52w ago calligraphycrowsandcellos calligraphycrowsandcellos

    You're amazing ^-^

  • 52w ago chav_o5 chav_o5

    I love that song. Your very good!

  • 52w ago princess._.unicxrn princess._.unicxrn

    So beautifull😍

  • 52w ago bear_p_ bear_p_

    Awesome little brother. Really good. I love listening to you. Do you ever listen to Idlewild or Editors??

  • 52w ago lexxi.lexxii lexxi.lexxii

    UGHHHH! Your voice is flawless and I’m so damn impressed with your choice of chord progression. Legit, music is my second language- had a fucking eargasm at the chord you used after “say your future’s bright for you” I was like 💦 💦💦💦 goddammit yes 😹😹😹😹 you’re amazing. I love it and I high key replayed it so many times 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽❤️🥀

  • 51w ago ihavegreattasteinmusic ihavegreattasteinmusic


  • 51w ago lulumorningstar lulumorningstar

    O shet you got a new haircut while my insta disappeared 😮

  • 51w ago lost_instatic lost_instatic

    @lexxi.lexxii aw dude thank you so much haha that's really kind of you your enthusiasm had me laughing 😂 them good ol diminished chords are nice to sneak in to playing every now and then 😉

  • 51w ago lexxi.lexxii lexxi.lexxii

    @lost_instatic diminished chords give me life ugh haha

  • 50w ago singingcovers07 singingcovers07

    Woahh that gave me shivers, I love so much that it's not the generic 4 chord thing people do when they write originals! And that it's still blink 182 vibe. And ITS ABOUT TREES AND WE CAN SEE YOUR PRETTY EYES NOW

  • 49w ago shelbieleigh13 shelbieleigh13

    I forgot to tell you how amazing this is 😭❤️

  • 49w ago dramatikey dramatikey

  • 43w ago samuel_pinheiro98 samuel_pinheiro98

    Name music ?

  • 42w ago goongatsby goongatsby

    tbh: dope

  • 25w ago jxlie.c_ jxlie.c_

    did I ever mention you have the voice of an indie/alternative singer


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