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Dewalt's 20v Pex Expander. We got em, and of course we always have the best price. We are $50 lower than the competition and free shipping! #dewalt #20v #pex #propex #expansion #innovation #newstuff #lowprices #savings #sacfasteners


  • 46w ago josh.tes josh.tes

    A bit more expensive than the Milwaukee M12 but I'm sure it packs some more power

  • 46w ago _lmill_ _lmill_

    Nice, hope to see the 20v line keep expanding!

  • 46w ago igdesignla igdesignla

    @josh.tes supposedly they are basically the same thing

  • 46w ago pulse_gta pulse_gta

    damn I love it. lets share it on ([@ proudfitfam]) now dm them 😆

  • 46w ago josh.tes josh.tes

    @igdesignla Oh that's interesting. Well in that case it's a bit overpriced. But if people want to stick with their 20v line I suppose they will pay for it

  • 46w ago sacfasteners sacfasteners

    @_lmill_ 😂😂😂 loving the pun

  • 46w ago behemoth3555 behemoth3555

    Do you know what the price is?

  • 46w ago sacfasteners sacfasteners

    Yep! They are $429.99

  • 46w ago catchsomeair catchsomeair

    We saw this in action at your store the other day! Pretty cool! 👌

  • 46w ago briannatesauro briannatesauro

    Nice! You guys always have the best prices

  • 46w ago rimram10 rimram10

    Milwaukee out beats any competition.

  • 26w ago dgill74 dgill74

    Do you sell the bare tool only ? $

  • 26w ago sacfasteners sacfasteners

    @dgill74 yeah $249

  • 22w ago efremov6038 efremov6038

    Какая цена ?


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