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Nothing but love for this homie 👉 @dadmod - If you guys caught my rant yesterday cool if not also cool because imma give the #cliffnotes version, a gym bro tried to take my weights before I started loading my bar and then he pisssd me off but whatever I got my weights loaded the bar and kept on going. Found him entering the #quartersquatgang while in wraps 🤦🏽‍♂️ anyways here's my shitty sets in my @conquertheweights and @quartersquatgang collab shirt and I guess it #triggered this guy because he was pissed off because #gymliftsdontcount #platformtotalsdo and I'm done with it.
#conquertheweights #happytuesday #powerlifting #fatguyinalittlecoat #skwaats #globogymproblems


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