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A very controversial moment in Man of Steel where Superman is forced to kill Zod to save peoples lives. What did you think about this decision?


  • 52w ago vinny.granata vinny.granata

    @tactical_bush I mean it was his first time πŸ˜‚ give him a break for being an invulnerable, godly alienπŸ˜‚

  • 52w ago shaunatkinson shaunatkinson

    Should have ripped his head off.

  • 52w ago christensenmarc christensenmarc

    I support it

  • 52w ago paiwasaid paiwasaid

    I think it was right

  • 52w ago brilily brilily

    @tactical_bush I think he did that because he didn't know how to fight. He woke up one day and now had to save the world from trained fighters on his power level.

  • 52w ago g.t.mccarthy g.t.mccarthy

    @brilily that raises the other question, d'you think Zach Snyder developed his character enough for an audience to actually empathize with his struggle?

  • 52w ago g.t.mccarthy g.t.mccarthy

    I mean, he's either flawed or stupid, and this lack of development has him leaning towards the ladder

  • 52w ago collinstruble collinstruble

    @amazingspidey1123 do you mean mxyzptlk? Cause I've never heard of the guy you mention. Just sayin!

  • 52w ago amazingspidey1123 amazingspidey1123

    @collinstruble yes, that's what I meant lol didn't know how to spell his name

  • 52w ago mikedavidharris mikedavidharris

    The agony on his face sets him apart, Batman would have shrugged it off.

  • 52w ago mikedavidharris mikedavidharris

    The one that doesn't make sense is in BvS when he slams the guy through the wall instead of just grabbing him

  • 52w ago krillgates krillgates

    what i wanna know is how the fuck did Lois end up where supes n zod ended up when falling from space ..she got there quichk af..oh n yea he had to do what he had to do

  • 52w ago krillgates krillgates

    instead of killing him he could have just shot str8 up to the sky..duh

  • 52w ago greg_osuma greg_osuma

    I think he did the right thing...I mean Zod was about to kill those innocent people with his heat vision..

  • 52w ago hamedkm1 hamedkm1


  • 52w ago bangallaforever bangallaforever

    Only option open to him, people who say superman does not kill are blinded by only one era of the's not the 70s anymore, he's had to kill because the safety of the world at large is much more important than pretending Superman stopped developing past Reeve

  • 52w ago jeremyfry34 jeremyfry34

    Sometimes he has to do what he has to do,Even though he doesn't want to.

  • 52w ago strangesomeone_ strangesomeone_

    He just had to

  • 52w ago kevin_dharmani kevin_dharmani

    If that's the case we shouldn't kill terrorists and wait for the good in them to come out while they go around cutting people's heads off zod might have killed millions of people that day he deserved it

  • 51w ago layerthis_colorthat_ layerthis_colorthat_

    A hero's gotta do. What a hero's got a do. If it means making villains go "kaput".

  • 51w ago kirpalkumar kirpalkumar

    Just wanna know one thing, htf louis lane came their so fast, is she flashπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 50w ago amatutemusic amatutemusic

    He makes the right decision.

  • 50w ago jeffersonlima.nutri jeffersonlima.nutri


  • 48w ago fragalepatricia fragalepatricia

    Chocking but he had to do it

  • 43w ago bobedybob bobedybob

    It was the right thing to do

  • 43w ago serglaz1 serglaz1

    He did the right decision.

  • 43w ago a_wierdkid13 a_wierdkid13

    Good resistance

  • 41w ago ian_harahap ian_harahap

    what bothering me is how did lois get to the fight location?? πŸ˜‚

  • 38w ago skyisonfire skyisonfire

    How did Lois get there? In the scene before that she is watching them come down from miles away. Food for thought.

  • 34w ago btpkp btpkp

    Didn't like it. All he had to do was fly up. Take Zod into space, deep space, and find a way to imprison him.

  • 32w ago nhungnoa nhungnoa

    That scene made me goosebump. Superman sacrificed too much for mankind

  • 31w ago lionpunx lionpunx

    Wena decixion

  • 30w ago superherofanman_ superherofanman_


  • 27w ago fabriciogomesmartins fabriciogomesmartins

    I love this movie and this scene it is great. Focusing in the screenplay. There wasn't kryptonite, so they would fight forever. Zod himself said. Either do die or i do

  • 26w ago mansur_alam_ mansur_alam_

    @btpkp zod is trying to kill people . What you want? Imprisoned that zod who tried to destroyed your whole planet

  • 23w ago brian_bondurant_show brian_bondurant_show

    People lost their shit over it & he did the same thing in SUPERMAN 2 & I heard, in the comics. The Kryptonians got killed to protect Earth.

  • 23w ago pamiperfect pamiperfect

    I thought he should have killed him way before if all he had to do was break his neck. I don’t know how Lois got there either but he needed her consolation.

  • 22w ago mikediamondsky mikediamondsky


  • 18w ago davesantia davesantia

    At least the cavil Superman killed zod on equal terms. The Reeve Superman had to de-power Zod before he killed him.

  • 16w ago yowens0330 yowens0330

    He had no choice


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