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Beach snacks done right. no plastic waste, simple to prepare, easy to eat, hydrating, sweet and satisfying. Watermelon and Passionfruit for the win every single time!βœ¨πŸ‰ Someone once said to me after they received my Ebook that they were disappointed because a 'recipe' that calls for just watermelon smeared with passionfruit isn't as actual recipe!? I told them to look at the thousands of people who now eat watermelon with passionfruit because I made it into one, or to just taste it for themselves before judging.... Because the Taste is just Amazingly good and the two combined are just magic together. I never did get a reply from them haha. Does a recipe creation have to be a certain amount of ingredients to be called a recipe? What else can I call it? And because it's in my ebook it's an ought all the other recipes and tips so how can I not call it a recipe haha. the more simple and easy a recipe is to prepare without cutting back on taste and satisfaction is an absolute win for meπŸ˜ƒ and the easier it is to whip up the more people will actually make it, enjoy it and make it again and again, that to me is a successful recipe!. Good homemade food doesn't have to be complicated. #feelthelean



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