Instagram post by @movedbythemountain Russell Dodge

You know I like to take my #stopdropyoga literally, and I was playing with my pup when I saw this tag from @tightasshammies (thank you sir). So I tried to give it a go without foregoing our play session.
Lilu isn't impressed with arm balances, but #UtthitaHastaPadangusthasana has similar movements as the tagged pose, so I went for a little #ashtanga run-through, hitting A (poorly), B (barely), C (almost), and D (kind of but maybe not really).
Alternatively, this can be seen as an instructional video of how to assist a struggling #ashtangi through this sequence.
I'll pass the #SDY tag onto fellow ashtangis @dreadfulyogi, @christinefeibulous and, uh, who else practices Ashtanga out there?



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