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idk, may delete this, but for now, here's a rambley little zine diary I made last week when I was a stressed-out bundle of pms trying to process a bunch of bummer biz 🥀


  • 34w ago abuhgailblythe abuhgailblythe

    I like this a lot, Kate. And I like you and what you have to say. Thanks for sharing some really vulnerable feelings.

  • 34w ago daggerfingers daggerfingers

    So good, Kate✨

  • 34w ago ohmygollyembroidery ohmygollyembroidery

    This is so good 💕

  • 34w ago ina.vitale ina.vitale

    i like & relate to this very much! 💗🖤💗

  • 34w ago womenandsongs womenandsongs

    Thank you for sharing this 💖

  • 34w ago tanyalavonne tanyalavonne

    I love this . Thank you for sharing. I feel this way everyday and I haven't quite mastered how to express and channel my energy. Mornings are the hardest for me

  • 34w ago marbledrye marbledrye

    love it ❤️

  • 34w ago parchmentpetaldesign parchmentpetaldesign

    Love this!

  • 34w ago gloedesignsjewelry gloedesignsjewelry

    This is relevant content for the here and now.

  • 34w ago rubygrendel rubygrendel

    I wish everyone was as real as this post. Then we'd get somewhere.

  • 34w ago akindofartist akindofartist

    More people can relate to this than you think. <3

  • 34w ago laciet.horne laciet.horne


  • 34w ago moon_maid_embroidery moon_maid_embroidery

    Thank you ❤❤❤

  • 34w ago aleeeeesh_uh aleeeeesh_uh

    Thank you so much for this, especially now. I relate and love that it's accessible on Instagram in this way right now

  • 34w ago forista forista

    Feel ya

  • 34w ago blakelybannister blakelybannister

    I wish I could be this poetic about my struggles. Man, I loved every bit of this. The words, the drawings, the layout. You’re killin’ it.

  • 34w ago mackinleyerikuh mackinleyerikuh

    You are amazing. Keep your head up bb. 💖

  • 34w ago lcosen5 lcosen5

    This is amazing and how I feel most of the time. Thanks for putting it into words.

  • 34w ago plantblud plantblud

    I love thisss

  • 34w ago nataliesilvestri_ nataliesilvestri_

    Great idea maybe I should do this

  • 34w ago melancholyfolly melancholyfolly

    Please don't delete it! I bookmarked it. 🙏💕🌞

  • 34w ago shetalksalot shetalksalot

    No, don't delete! I sit in admiration and inspiration of all your creations.

  • 34w ago cactus.lungs cactus.lungs

    This is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • 34w ago chrisbargeld chrisbargeld

    Thank you for putting your vulnerability out there ❤️ I am losing every argument these days and feel inadequate for not being a winner all day everyday

  • 34w ago jadamwhat jadamwhat

    You are so great

  • 34w ago katemadeira katemadeira

    Damn, thank you so much, everybody! idk if I can say I'm glad so many can relate to this, bc it's a bummer thing to identify with, but I'm glad none of are alone in such experiences 💗

  • 34w ago mannduh mannduh

    I've always been to afraid to show my artwork to others because it's such a deep expression of self. You're strong and brave! And incredibly talented to boot.

  • 34w ago katemadeira katemadeira

    @mannduh Thank you! I totally feel you-this piece felt so personal, i actually asked a pal before posting if they thought it was too open to share. But every time I share something that feels too personal or emotional, I am always so pleasantly surprised by the kindness and openness others respond with. So keep making your art and putting it out into the world! It's scary at first (and continues to be at times), but it gets easier, and you might be amazed at how many others can relate to it! 💖

  • 34w ago mannduh mannduh

    @katemadeira thanks Kate 😊

  • 34w ago katemadeira katemadeira

    @chrissysamples thanks so much! I actually do have it in printable zine form, so I will probably be adding it to my Etsy shop in the near future 😊

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