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Would You Like To See The Thunder Go After Someone Else? -
If So Who? 🔥
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  • 39w ago tommyaug7 tommyaug7

    Finals here we come

  • 39w ago _ryancorrea _ryancorrea

    Adams, McDermott and a pick for Cousins

  • 39w ago dea.cti_vat.ed dea.cti_vat.ed

    yes he have to . we should have went after Avery Bradley but that is out the window now , but we should try for AD , CJ , Beal , or Boogie .

  • 39w ago alexshirker alexshirker

    Pat Patterson?

  • 39w ago rocketsupdate rocketsupdate


  • 39w ago salva.rivera salva.rivera


  • 39w ago salva.rivera salva.rivera

    PATTERSON??? He's kinda huge

  • 39w ago mcintoshdalton mcintoshdalton

    None of this matters if Russ don't resign cause he will be traded sometime threw they year IF he don't resign

  • 39w ago izeopen izeopen

    2Patt fam. and we fina surprise alota people

  • 39w ago ethanbell20022222 ethanbell20022222

    Patterson he is new

  • 39w ago chayton_humble chayton_humble

    No Patrick Patterson on there?

  • 39w ago papi_fuego16 papi_fuego16

    Yeah we need skmeine else

  • 39w ago _seize.the.day_ _seize.the.day_

    We need a better SG and put Roberson on the bench, he isn't bad but I feel like we need to strengthen our bench even more. PF could be a little better but not everything can be perfect. And we need more people who can shoot the three and more defense. I've seen great defense but we can improve on it. But I don't have a problem with what we have now, just could improve a little to strengthen our team even more.

  • 39w ago anderson.timothyy anderson.timothyy

    Where pat pete

  • 39w ago ben_stanley_21 ben_stanley_21


  • 39w ago tamerk.0 tamerk.0


  • 39w ago benlangstreth benlangstreth

    Buddy hield

  • 39w ago c.clancy_ c.clancy_

    4th seed

  • 39w ago ethancjones22 ethancjones22


  • 39w ago kenpjenkins93 kenpjenkins93

    55+ wins

  • 39w ago matt_kasegian matt_kasegian


  • 39w ago braannxo braannxo

    Where’s 2Pat? He’s starting 5. Key addition.

  • 39w ago levi.hall levi.hall

    I'd like to see the thunder sign Thomas Robinson👀

  • 39w ago kevinmao133 kevinmao133

    A shooting guard. More depth in the front court

  • 39w ago brandonhackney12 brandonhackney12

    What about Patterson?

  • 39w ago mr_jake02 mr_jake02

    Trade for Cousins before all star break

  • 39w ago allmoney.__.n allmoney.__.n

    No superstars couple role players tho. I'd like Seth curry as a back up PG and Gary Harris as a backup SG, Kenneth Faried backup PF

  • 39w ago david_tubamaster david_tubamaster

    You going to meting Felton but not Patterson

  • 39w ago mikenelson217 mikenelson217

    They should try to make a trade for Avery Bradley so it would give them better defense and a bit more offense as well

  • 39w ago vicious01 vicious01

    Go after the king lbj when season is over and Carmelo

  • 39w ago _john.mck_ _john.mck_

    There’s a lot of new

  • 39w ago jezreel_lo jezreel_lo

    Gibson gonna hurt

  • 39w ago iam_lop iam_lop


  • 38w ago adamheppnerr adamheppnerr


  • 38w ago eluniversodelanba eluniversodelanba


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