Instagram post by @maryotttt Mary Ottman Empowerment Coach

Okay ya'll.... are ya'll ready for some real talk? This entrepreneurial life is no joke. I made the leap in June and I LOVE IT!! Burning all my bridges behind me is the best thing I've ever done! I retired, I moved to Austin, and now? I hustle my rear end off!! What does burning your bridges do for you? It makes you hungry! It makes you grind! It makes you creative! It makes you appreciate the value of a dollar! You start jonesing for things that used to in the regular! Like mani/pedis and spa days and massages!! Lol! But that will come soon enough. Right now, because I'm For Real For Real, it's all about finding my Ideal Clients, and helping them achieve their goals! AND meeting meeting organizers and business people interested in speakers and corporate leadership training! 💕❤️💕Remember guys, when you are FOR REAL FOR REAL, you will so WHATEVER IT TAKES to make your dream life happen today! 💪💪💪So stop dreaming, stop taking courses to learn how to do this! Get out there and DO THE WORK! 🎯🎯🎯You've Got This! #blessyourheartnation


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