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  • 43w ago dinocomics4ever dinocomics4ever

    Awesome stuff! If you're ever into fan art check out my page.

  • 43w ago samtheman1935 samtheman1935

    Is this taking place in the past? It looks like his old suit and Catwomans suit looks way different

  • 43w ago unluckystuntman unluckystuntman

    @samtheman1935 It's supposed to take place about a year after "Zero Year", so roughly Batman's second year.

  • 43w ago alexmarks182 alexmarks182

    Hell yeah

  • 43w ago gandalf_jesus gandalf_jesus

    Just read it like 10 mins ago, great issue but it felt really short

  • 43w ago mauibricks mauibricks

    Another solid issue with amazing art from Janin. This has been my favorite story arc in Batman since Rebirth. The exploration of Kite Man has been interesting and refreshing . 👍🏻👍🏻

  • 43w ago samtheman1935 samtheman1935

    @unluckystuntman I sure miss Snyder's run. King doesn't have the magic that he had

  • 42w ago lorenvburrell lorenvburrell

    The art is among the best I've ever seen in a Batman comic, hands down. I am really enjoying this storyline.

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