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I haven't been a transformers collector since Transformers Animated and before that, G1. But dang, this new Power of the Primes line Grimlock looks amazing, look at the stickers, he's got 80s stickers!!! and there's like 6 dinobots total and they combine into some friggan ridiculous giant Dinobot Transformer...Ugh I'm in @hasbro just garnish my wages now. What's that, Marvel Legends, StarWars and now Transformers? You're a sly mistress hasbro!
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  • 52w ago nh0981 nh0981

    It's hilarious to me they can make good Transformers toys when the movie is out of theaters

  • 52w ago 718comicsnbeats 718comicsnbeats

    Welp there I go back to TF it is with these 😫

  • 52w ago inhaledfarts inhaledfarts

    They got me with that Rodimus prime figure coming out. I haven't actively collected since Beast Machines.

  • 52w ago bigkuntry75 bigkuntry75

    Where do you find the line of these coming out

  • 52w ago toyshiz toyshiz

    @bigkuntry75 look up Power of the Primes on google

  • 52w ago bigkuntry75 bigkuntry75

    @toyshiz thanks

  • 52w ago frigginfignerd frigginfignerd

    Me Grimlock...was I first woth that.

  • 52w ago frigginfignerd frigginfignerd

    with...fat fingers

  • 52w ago seabeast7 seabeast7

    It looks like the masterpiece version.

  • 52w ago billyb_dc billyb_dc

    I have never bought a Transformer in my life aside from the Star Wars line they had when I was younger, but I will definitely be buying this!


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