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Weekend activity idea: grab your #amplehillscookbook and have some fun! Available for purchase online and in stores.


  • 46w ago njeanbru njeanbru

    The cereal one has been my favorite to make so far... that's probably because I'm a cereal fan as well as an ice cream

  • 46w ago gccone gccone

    @amplehills what location is closest to Soho?

  • 46w ago amplehills amplehills

    @gccone our #meatpackingdistrict shop @bubbyspieco at 73 Gansevoort St.

  • 46w ago cheesybreadsexy cheesybreadsexy


  • 46w ago btyjn btyjn

    @amplehills I love mine! I can't seem to get the chocolate base right, but I'm crushing The Dude.

  • 46w ago aubreysclothesline aubreysclothesline

    This is the best ice cream book in the World. No other ice cream book can top the recipes in this book. I have made over 1/2 of the recipes and my kids devour every one of them. I have to hide the milk and cookies so I can actually get a bowl myself. Please teach us how to make peanut butter wins the cup!! 🏆

  • 46w ago photogirl92 photogirl92

    This cookbook is my absolute favorite out of the dozens that I own. The ice cream I make from it consistently blows all other ice cream out of the water!

  • 46w ago amplehills amplehills

    @btyjn hmmm.. if you email Brian@amplehills he may be able to help. Glad The Dude is working out

  • 46w ago amplehills amplehills

    Thrilled to hear that! Next book PB Wins The Cup

  • 46w ago glitzlipz glitzlipz

    Wow, the ice cream looked so good it took me like 3 seconds to realize it was the cover of the book. Fail! Lol 😂😂

  • 40w ago shanonkrysti shanonkrysti

    CAN WE GO HERE TOO @morggan.alyse 🍦😍


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