Instagram post by @riplimegrime Exposing the Shady in makeup

Further explanation and clarification on the previous post from @beautytruthsleuthofficial and myself. Swipe to read.
Lime Slime has a well documented history of being non transparent about their ingredients. Ie : the FDA investigation into their velvetines and the ingredients in certain colours that were not lip safe but yet still being marketed as safe for use around the mouth area.
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  • 35w ago mikamariamor mikamariamor

    Goddamit Lime Crime, we were rooting for you! You did so well lately, Doe keeping low on social media and then straight back to your old ways

  • 34w ago sabbajabba sabbajabba

    I'm confused...what is UD's electric palette meant for if it's not for the eyes?

  • 34w ago riplimegrime riplimegrime

    @sabbajabba it can be used around the eyes. They had to put a disclaimer on it for legal reasons because some of the colors in the palette can stain the skin. But there are many people who have used on without issues

  • 34w ago sabbajabba sabbajabba

    But limecrime is actually dangerous for the eyes?

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