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Great fun...great win...and great company!!!! Off to La! See ya Norcal!! 🙌🏻Heading to my side of Cali 🙌🏻🙌🏻


  • 43w ago lilysfca lilysfca


  • 43w ago auntie_emto15 auntie_emto15

    SoCal! 👍

  • 43w ago mamawrt mamawrt

    Beautiful photo... #beatla

  • 43w ago sue_campbell_ sue_campbell_

    Let me guess......Disneyland 😀❤️

  • 43w ago schmazmom schmazmom

    Great HR by your man too!

  • 43w ago feyamanda feyamanda

    Awesome family!! Brandon Crawford I'm your biggest fan!!!!! Great game!!!

  • 43w ago superfantasticgiants superfantasticgiants

    You're also Angeleno? I never knew I had something in common with my favorite shortstop's wife...

  • 43w ago wennnddyyy_ wennnddyyy_

    Great job BCraw! Now let's have them turn their hats around and show SF!!

  • 43w ago superfantasticgiants superfantasticgiants

    @sue_campbell_ I guess it's because the giants are playing the Dodgers away

  • 43w ago tonieslick tonieslick

    Love this pic! What an awesome experience for everyone!

  • 43w ago sharkpitz sharkpitz

    What a great crew

  • 43w ago goutes goutes

    Loving all the Giants Orange in this picture!

  • 43w ago jewels_kurp jewels_kurp

    I think they need to come back in April! Start our season of right with the good luck they brought us

  • 43w ago baseballnana11 baseballnana11

    They sure brought good luck. Such fun for all. Cool they got to see a home run by Brandon. Safe travels to them 😎⚾️✌🏻

  • 43w ago jacobcowden28 jacobcowden28

    Im driving from AZ to see the series this weekend, go Giants!

  • 43w ago jacobcowden28 jacobcowden28

    Also your kids are adorable

  • 43w ago kelliepean kelliepean

    Jay jay will be missed! Safe journey 💕💕

  • 43w ago lirael52 lirael52

    What a great photo and a great series. Have fun in the south!

  • 43w ago kayellesf kayellesf

    Great pic!!!

  • 43w ago kellynash kellynash

    What a beautiful gesture

  • 43w ago kellynash kellynash

    Truly impressive

  • 43w ago kellynash kellynash

    Genuine & sweet

  • 6w ago lizlivinlife lizlivinlife


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