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This hero showed up out of nowhere to save a cat on a ledge. πŸ‘πŸ± #animalrescue #catsofig #catlovers (πŸ“Ή: @viralhog)


  • 39w ago rosi_g_lira rosi_g_lira


  • 39w ago katechaste katechaste

    Thats cool but...why didnt they just ask the people living in there to let the can through the window? How did it get there in the first place

  • 39w ago dl_muirhead dl_muirhead

    Human angels

  • 39w ago oliwia_.z oliwia_.z


  • 39w ago paularpitaz paularpitaz

    Hatsofff dude

  • 38w ago daniwconte daniwconte

    @cricasevero to morando longe do sul....saudade imensa...πŸ˜”

  • 38w ago nathalie.klaus nathalie.klaus

    @katechaste the cat made a hole on the safety net and escaped, but then didn't know how to go back. Neighbors couldn't find her owners.

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  • 38w ago kianikas kianikas

    Wow what a man πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • 38w ago katechaste katechaste

    @nathalie.klaus ohhh I see

  • 38w ago roelkrottje roelkrottje

    @li3n3 πŸ˜‚

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  • 38w ago marianelarangelf marianelarangelf

    I love him😍😍😍😍

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  • 38w ago kitty.starfluff kitty.starfluff

    An angel!

  • 38w ago miciottini miciottini

    Adoro le persone cosi'

  • 38w ago camerapaulo camerapaulo

    It happened um brazil

  • 38w ago yumeneko_love_you yumeneko_love_you

    β™‘Thank youβ™‘

  • 38w ago nessaroriz21 nessaroriz21

    Love this. It happened in Brazil, my country!

  • 38w ago aurelialubiana aurelialubiana

    Awwww thank youuuuu

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  • 38w ago robertajspecht robertajspecht

    Hoorah for the hero's!!!!!

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  • 38w ago nguyendungkt2017 nguyendungkt2017

    Ở Δ‘Γ’y mΓ  nhΖ° vαΊ­y cho em nΓ y vΓ΄ nα»“i rα»“i

  • 37w ago agustinsoesilo agustinsoesilo

    Bless them

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  • 34w ago deyluvknight deyluvknight

    @nessaroriz21 you know what else happens in brazilπŸ˜‚ beheading soccer coaches oooh and a new video came out where people killed a man and ate his brain. So yeah good people all around

  • 34w ago nessaroriz21 nessaroriz21

    @deyluvknight ok so let's talk about USA the country that has the serial killers, the crazy lunatic that show up every month, killing people randomly, just because they are crazy, lonely and insecure... Besides that, if u r watching a lot of crap like that in the internet this tells more about you than anything else...maybe u r one of them.. Of the crazy people... So shut the f up... And stop talking to me weirdo

  • 34w ago deyluvknight deyluvknight

    @nessaroriz21 lol you can say the same thing about anywhere.

  • 34w ago nessaroriz21 nessaroriz21

    @deyluvknight so why u r bothering me anyway?!? There's nothing better to do with ur life?? Goodbye

  • 34w ago deyluvknight deyluvknight

    I was just joking but incidents occur like that way more often in other countries f you want to be fsctual

  • 34w ago deyluvknight deyluvknight

    @nessaroriz21 it amuses me to see you so bothered haha. U keep responding i forgot i even said anything. Ignore next time damn

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  • 33w ago joanadarc_pires joanadarc_pires

    Que sΓ£o CristΓ³vΓ£o e sΓ£o Francisco,protetor dos motoristas e dos animais protejam este guri nas andanΓ§as de sua vida!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  • 29w ago maysun_photo maysun_photo

    Real men respect women and save cats! ❀️ 😊😍

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