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This poem is a celebration. An ode to those
still struggling to fit in. This poem
is the dirt under your feet and how you taught
yourself to sew a tightrope that feels like home.
This poem is for the times their positive words
meant more to you than the voices in your head.
The drunk calls and the times you held back
skeletons, even when you were so angry
you couldn’t chew without your overbite coming out.

You call them small victories;
I call them the big things: things like
learning your worth, fighting for what matters.
Things like the first time you met me,
you hugged me as if to say, “Look,
I know we hardly know each other,
but over 350 million people have depression
and there is a good chance you’re struggling.”
The first date was more like three;
the first conversation felt more like we.
This poem is togetherness.

I searched your being for scars like stars
to connect your body to stardust.
Maybe the blades they used were so sharp,
you bled out for three weeks. Maybe
you blacked out for years after that.
I understand more than you’ll give me credit for.
And when the bruises on your ankles
remind me that I burned my feet on concrete,
I will not cry. I love the looks on their faces
when I tell people how I am still
standing before them. This poem

is a semi-colon. It is not an invitation
for you to burn the hands you scarred. It is
a reason to run cold water over
every person you come in contact with.
It is a reason to keep going. "
— This poem is a celebration, a semi-colon


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