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Doesn't she look so boss!? Samantha's the most creative, supportive business partner EVER. Can't love on her enough. Know what she said to me the other day, "You look stressed Jules. Why don't you take the rest of the day off?!" Sometimes, when other people are counting on me, I find it hard to take a break. Can you relate?! That's why we're so committed to helping you cut the overwhelm and get your Insta-game under control. If you're struggling with social-overwhelm, PLEASE join us on our brand new webinar How to Build a Profitable Brand on Instagram in less than 8 hours per month THIS WEEK. We're laying it all out for you, so you can: - learn to plan, create and schedule your content in advance (and it won't feel like a chore!)
- learn to engage in a simple easy manner that feels like connecting with friends
- set yourself up to monetize, so you're not wasting all that time running in circles and not seeing results
See you soon, Luvahs!!! XO Julie

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