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It's still not over , but know we leave everything on the field every time we get a chance to compete #eaglesfans #kbo #thankyouOgando #seeyounextweek #finalgoodbye2017
Todavia no terminamos , pero cada vez que competimos lo dejamos todo en el terreno.


  • 52w ago fabad58 fabad58

    Y k le pasó al flaco loco mi rumy

  • 52w ago yeosungmimi yeosungmimi

    Thank you so much for everything. Good luck with your final finish.

  • 52w ago carlosvillanueva_23 carlosvillanueva_23

    @fabad58 tu sabe que el deficiencias con el guante .. le dieron una linea y le metió la mano.. un mes enyesado le toca

  • 52w ago carlosvillanueva_fanpage carlosvillanueva_fanpage

    i don't want to tell the last yet... it is very regrettable season in many ways 😭

  • 52w ago carlosvillanueva_23 carlosvillanueva_23

    @carlosvillanueva_fanpage one more time next week , i will miss all of you very much❣️

  • 52w ago jaeyoung0807 jaeyoung0807

    I want to see you next year..

  • 52w ago carlosvillanueva_fanpage carlosvillanueva_fanpage

    @carlosvillanueva_23 i'm just too sad to end the season... and i'm really really sad because i can't see you during the offseason.... i would like to see your last game. is the date not decided?

  • 52w ago hanseowha hanseowha


  • 52w ago tae_hyun_cha_0223 tae_hyun_cha_0223

    please don't hurt

  • 52w ago tyeon_24 tyeon_24

    We hope that we can see all of you guys on next year's we love u and cheer u

  • 52w ago sjo__ee sjo__ee

    It was pleasure to see your pitching performance in this season@eagles. Thank you for your dedication and hope to see again.

  • 52w ago hyukdea1 hyukdea1

    although we haven't made it to the postseason at this time, i enjoyed play of your pitching and all eagles players.thank you and i always wish you to stay healthy.

  • 52w ago fisher_financial fisher_financial

    All of HanhwaEagles fan want to see you next Season any position

  • 52w ago jonam_0 jonam_0

    We wanna see you next season. and i always look forward to see your art pitching!!!

  • 52w ago king9nim king9nim

    잘가 비야. 내년에또보자~

  • 51w ago 172733sjs 172733sjs

    See you next year


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