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Golden Milk 💫✨
my eczema is not happy today... i work outside and have been eating heating foods, plus washing a ton of veggies in bleach. due to my pitta nature (ayurveda), I get inflammation quite frequently. this time of year in particular, as the weather fluctuates between warmer and cooler temperatures, and my system has trouble adapting. from allergies, to eczema, redness, parts of my body feeling hot, feeling irritable, having more of a temper, even acid reflux and indigestion; all are symptoms of excess pitta (aka fire + water elements in the body). thus, this concoction.
coconut milk (12 oz)
turmeric (1 tbsp)
ginger (1 tsp)
cinnamon (1 tsp)
coconut oil (1 tbsp)
honey to taste - wisk together in a small saucepan over medium heat until fully combined, hot, and frothy. after it cools a little, add honey (don't heat honey). ▪️coconut - cooling ▪️turmeric - anti-inflammatory ▫️helps cure skin disorders as wound-cleaning and has healing properties ▫️promotes intestinal health by reducing pathogenic bacteria and destroying toxins (āma) ▫️stimulates the liver, increases blood flow through the hepatic system and increases bile output ▫️treats inflammation of the joint, alleviates pain, and strengthens the joints and tendons ▫️antibiotic used in treating sore throats and fevers ▪️ginger ▫️anti-inflammatory ▫️combats headaches, migraines, arthritis, pain, swelling, and sprains - used for physical weakness/depletion and postpartum ▫️purifies blood and eases menstrual cramps ▫️stimulates your digestive fire (agni) aka excellent digestive, is an anti-flatulent, and used to treat indigestion, vomiting, and abdominal pain ▪️cinnamon ▫️improves digestion (agni) ▫️simulates the liver and is a diuretic ▫️digests toxins (āma) and controls blood sugar ▪️honey ▫️increases the qualities of other substances (yogavahi) ▫️is astringent post-digestively, scraping toxins and fat from tissues
--- that's a whole lot of yes. As I've been typing this I've finished my drink and can already feel and see a difference in my body and eczema. if you're not up on your spice game, get on it.

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