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3 Days Ago, I Was Scrolling Down My Main Timeline Feed Here & Found That Comedian & Actor Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) Had Posted A Video. I Like Kevin Hart & Follow Him So I Proceeded To Listen & Watch. It Turns Out That It Was An Apology For His Erroneous Behavior Putting His Wife & Kids At Risk. My Initial Reaction Was, "What In The Fuck Are You Talking About? What Happened?!" I Went From There Immediately To Google & Found That He Had Been Caught Up In Some Infidelity & Extortion Mess. Consider Me Numb Now But I Was Shocked In That Moment. In Talking About It At Work, I Got Further Shocked In Learning That He Cheated On His Now Ex-Wife With His New Wife. Sorry But This Week's Stupid Shit Tuesday Recipient Is Him. I Can't Give Kevin Hart A Pass In Good Conscience. He Must Be Held To The Same Standard As Any Other Man On The Planet. What Makes His Erroneous Behavior Even More Stupid Is How He's Handling It & That's Like A Guilty Man Walking In Hollywood. A Public Apology Is Good For People Who Don't Know Show Business &/Or Are The Embodiment Of Sheep But Not For Woke Folks Like Me. I Know A Lot Of Game & Kevin & His PR Team Have Been Rolling Out Announcements (Planned Or Not) About The "Cool Shit He Has Been Up To" Like Scholarship Giving, A Family-Friendly Video Game Release, His Preparation To Run The New York Marathon, Etc. In Attempt To Subtly & Surely Sweep The Infidelity Topic Under The Rug As If Nothing Happened. Let's Face It, Folks. Kevin Hart Built This Bed Of Shit & Must Lay In It. This Is All Him. I Don't Blame This Side Chick, Traveling Stripper, Or Whatever She Is. I Stand On The Fact That Kevin Is The Captain Of His Own Karma. Yes, We Know People Target Him & Hate On Him But It Is Him That Is The Magnet. Until He Actively Learns From His Mistakes, They Will Continue To Follow Him The Rest Of His Life Just Like With Jay-Z & Other Celebrity Men Who Are Married Or Single. It Will Happen Again If He Does Not Change His Ways. Only You Get What You Holistically Call For (Good & Bad) Because Everything Is Energy. Nothing In Your Life Is An "Outside Problem." It's An Inside One. Period & Point Blank. πŸ’―πŸŽ€βœ”πŸ’¬


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