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Afternoon to all my lovely friends and family! ☀️Firstly I just want to say thank you for the abundance of love I have received.☺️ You are all so beautiful!! 💜⠀

I have spent the last 2 days at Karijini national park in Wa. No phone service. Just me and nature. It was just what my soul needed!! To take a break from work, life, family, friends, chores, everything.⠀

I walked through some of the most amazing gorges, swam in gorgeous water holes and gazed at the clearest night skies. I felt so much at peace and feel so refreshed now with a clear head and warm heart.
There's something about being alone in the bush that I am so so so In love with.⠀

A friend of mine, someone that has helped me grow so much over the last year said to me only a couple days ago (since I bought the GoPro) that I could inspire so many people by just being me, from where I have been to where I am now and my continual growth in being the best version of myself.
I replied with oh I hate being filmed or talking on camera because I can't manipulate the image to make it something I like. BAM!! I was pretty much saying I don't like myself enough to portray the real me to the world! Or maybe I'm just scared to.
There you go, insecure me right there! So I promised that I would try to show the real me more often. The me that my family and friends love.... or put up with anyway 😂⠀

So my next few posts will be completely unedited. No filters, nothing! ⠀

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