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    H.I.M. 🙏🙏🙏

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    I've seen quite a few pictures of this Uptown Haze which is Cuban Black and I don't remember this bud structure at all...I grew up smoking it my whole young adult life and I remember these golden nugs with flaming red hairs and hues of purple when done properly at the base of the nugs...a sativa no doubt but with a unique slight airy indica look if you will.

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    @incanlama This is B's Cuban Black x A5/Mirakel To me, she represents the A5 the most. 👊

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    @incanlama Light dep floral structures vary substantially depending on the time of the year in which it is flowered. Temperatures of the air and soil (we grow in native soil after all) the sun intensity and how it changes (increases/decreases) have a huge effect on some varietals

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