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Finally finished all the team overviews and each team's ranking! Thanks to everyone for sticking through this 36 day series🏀 Comment below any changes you would make!

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  • 39w ago paperchasinrob3xx paperchasinrob3xx

    Jazz in front of lakers that's bullshit

  • 39w ago nbajerseys4less nbajerseys4less

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  • 39w ago pete.gauna pete.gauna

    Spurs gonna be 2 seed

  • 39w ago kalebgirmay kalebgirmay

    If OKC don't win at least 53 games, the team's a bust. Not worth trading good players for a first round sweep

  • 39w ago s_meers20 s_meers20

    Thunder will do better than that...

  • 39w ago jdp9r jdp9r

    Spurs over rockets

  • 39w ago quentinross3000 quentinross3000

    Rockets not gonna be in front of spurs

  • 39w ago j1nm1n_ j1nm1n_

    Spurs b4 rokets

  • 39w ago m.i.r__215 m.i.r__215

    There will be more 50 win teams in the West

  • 39w ago amar.k47 amar.k47

    Jazz are trash stop

  • 39w ago amar.k47 amar.k47

    Grizzlies should be 9/10

  • 39w ago owaisicle owaisicle

    The mavs are a 9/10 seed how much you wanna bet

  • 39w ago davidpetrocci davidpetrocci

    Suns blow, lakers aren't better than Dallas, griz should be 10th

  • 39w ago waviiboijj waviiboijj

    Who tf wants another warriors blazers playoff series

  • 39w ago cfbsupreme cfbsupreme

    Lavar said the lakers would win 50 games so this is wrong

  • 39w ago tylersmall_97 tylersmall_97

    Lakers 7th

  • 39w ago a.ndrew_chung a.ndrew_chung

    lol this nigga predicts okc to have the same record as last year after adding paul george 😂

  • 39w ago a.ndrew_chung a.ndrew_chung

    ur overhyping the wolves and the rockets. we dont know if the rockets can work just yet with two ball dominant point guards. plus, the wolves were a 30 win team last season, suddenly there supposed to rise in 20 games cause of butler? its not like they didnt lose anything either. rubio and lavine were valuable pieces to the team

  • 39w ago lil_dollas0 lil_dollas0

    Bro wtf do y'all not kow who okc jus traded for pg13 bro y'all disrespecting him they gonna be better than rockets 2 ball dominate guards ain't gonna work

  • 39w ago jakewarrick jakewarrick

    This is perhaps the most intelligent ranking I've seen yet. OKC is extremely overrated and PG13 doesn't make them much better. Especially when almost every team in the West has got better. I'm still skeptical of Minnesota because they don't shoot very well but it could work. The Rockets should be better then the Spurs. I'm not sure if GS will win 70 because the west is so much better. But they will be number 1

  • 39w ago east_grady east_grady

    I disagree a llt

  • 39w ago east_grady east_grady


  • 39w ago east_grady east_grady


  • 39w ago not.kevin.durant not.kevin.durant

    I'd make a change to OKC. They just added a star forward without giving up too much. They definitely winning 50+ games.

  • 39w ago not.kevin.durant not.kevin.durant

    And GS will be no higher than 65

  • 39w ago jason.maravilla_ jason.maravilla_

    cavs ???

  • 39w ago luke.shelton_cbg luke.shelton_cbg

    Your stupid

  • 39w ago cavscorner_ cavscorner_

    Thunder are better than T Wolves and Nuggets over LAC obv

  • 39w ago tonykaneko tonykaneko

    You're stupid

  • 39w ago tonykaneko tonykaneko

    @urbitchwantmylastname its the west u dumb ass. You obviously don't watch ball if u can't tell the difference. DUMBASS

  • 39w ago jason.maravilla_ jason.maravilla_

    suck my dick @evil_within

  • 39w ago jack.grubman18 jack.grubman18

    Dubs will break the record again

  • 39w ago carterdulka carterdulka

    @shadyszakhary We also added Taj Gibson, Jamall Crawford, resigned Shabazz Muhammad

  • 39w ago alexguerrawp alexguerrawp

    I think the Spurs are gonna win 60 games

  • 39w ago al_2ksimleague_ al_2ksimleague_

    Anyone wanna come join my 2k18 sim league

  • 38w ago nbaboy.tq nbaboy.tq

    Timberwolves wit they new roster itleast 2nd o 3rd

  • 38w ago kvngmat_ kvngmat_


  • 38w ago shecravelil shecravelil

    Update thunder

  • 38w ago tonykaneko tonykaneko

    Lmaoooo foh. Jimmy > harden

  • 34w ago nirvan_8713 nirvan_8713

    @evil_within u ok?

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