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"The best part of me is my mouth because my mouth can talk and it can say nice words to my friends. I can say, 'I love you' to my Mum and Dad. I can play games because if you are playing a game you need to respond to the friend that you're playing with. My mouth can say to others, 'if you need it - I can help', or it can say 'I need some help'." - MISS SEVEN. Yesterday we read, #thebestpartofme and then completed a quick-write in response. So glad that this little one has decided that her mouth is for words of kindness, joy and love. I love that she knows that she can ask for help - and I love MOST that she is willing to offer help to others. #ifyouneedit #icanhelp These kids amaze me daily. Only 7 school days left until I have to give them away to Year 3. #teacherlife


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