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#Yrkkh always and the only show which makes me cry. I m watching #yrkkh from when i was 11or 12 years old. I still remember very scene of #yrkkh. When@alkayagnik ma'am visited #yrkkh and sang the song, " uth rhi h koi halchal..... " it seems like that all memories of@nakshra came in front of me,@realhinakhan @realkaranmehra #akshra#naitik, from the very first scene, till the last. Sorry i was talking about cry but moved on another topic, i was saying, it's the only tv show which makes me cry, first i cried, when #akshra fell from the hill and fell into the river, then #naitik brought her in hospital and when #naksh started crying@rohanmehra, that scene made me cry. Second #akshra's death sequence that made me cry and third today's episode made me cry😘😘😘😘😧😧😧 #yrkkh is one of the best show and one of my favourite show but i am missing #nakshra #akshra #naitik@realhinakhan😭😭😭😭


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