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Instagram post by @thejoywarrior rosemary

Last night was football night with our guy. He was one of the team captains last night. Always an honor. Their team won 52-0 and it was still so exciting. And me and my mother-in-love silently rooted for the other team to score at least once.
Big things happened for my son who is a lineman- left offensive and defensive tackle. He gets the job done. Assists and taking down who he should. Last night though, he got to be a running back the last play of the game. He almost scored but had no blockers. Just to have that ball in his hands was such a huge big major deal. And to see it in his eyes and in his face, priceless. He had been pushing to do this since last year. They said it would never happen. And yet...
He's my football guy. We are his football people. Rooting him on. Rooting his team on. We're a football family and he's our #74. He's on his way and we are following him wherever he goes! #Joywarrior #andsoichoosejoy #thisonelife #footballlife #lineman #footballmom #footballgoals #footballfamily #hesmyguy #familylife #reallife #thursdaynights #pricelessmoment #iloveus #gingerbaby #neversaynever #andyet


  • 26w ago colorbwise colorbwise

    I loved watching my son Friday nights under the lights-miss it and the community it built.Congrats to your football warrior.

  • 26w ago amyparent406 amyparent406

    Ahhh the Boys of Fall 🏈 (Kenny Chesney song🎶🎵)....I love your ferocious heart Ro❤️!!!And your kick ass Ginger baby boy💙!!! Such wonderful memories you're making!!!

  • 26w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @colorbwise It is something pretty special to be a part of. Thank you! I will pass on the congrats to my guy! 💙

  • 26w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @amyparent406 Thanks Darlin! He's something else and I am loving these memories too. He finishes the middle school I went to this year and goes on to the high school I went to next year. I cannot wait to see my Ginger Baby as a Male Bulldog and see him on that field! His future is looking bright and I'm bringing my shades to watch it 😎😉💙💙

  • 26w ago meganlobe meganlobe

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Seeing these football posts of Carter makes my day!

  • 26w ago embracing_my_wings embracing_my_wings

    Sounds like you found #74 joys there. Your boy is amazing. Goes for it, just like his Mom. 💞

  • 26w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @meganlobe He. Is. Amazing! Cannot wait for you to see him and his team. They play Westport when you are here. 😁

  • 26w ago bearclaw4 bearclaw4

    "They said it would never happen. And yet..." 💙💙💙💙💙 Seems like that is how so much of the good in life happens!

  • 26w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @embracing_my_wings He never backs down. Just keeps reaching...and pushing💙

  • 26w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @bearclaw4 Amen Sister! 😉

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