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Instagram post by @kugzz Ramï

Gratitude Fridays! My shout out goes to @mel_inmelbourne for featuring RUOK. You are my idol 👏🙌 ROUK, an Australian organization inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling with life.
The silk-in wallet you see in the picture, I have lost it twice, already. I have friends betting if it would survive the summer of 2018 🙄.....Vieux Port Montréal, I left it right in the middle on a busy summer day of Août, 2016 and someone handed it to Sûreté du Québec, I received a call between panicking and shufflin, as I was trying to find my wallet to pay for the lobster poutine.."Mademoiselle, we have your wallet" could you feel my voice easing up? Not having to stand in line of Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, as well as calling all the credit card companies, I remember saying merci Monsieur multiple times. Not to mention my wallet had $500 US, 300 CAD and €100 cash. The summer of 2017 in Ottawa, yup....I did it again 🎶 not in a good way, who leaves their wallet in a shopping trolley at Marshalls. Apparently, I do...once again, someone returned it, intact. As much as I like to say "I hate humans" there are extremely good ones out there. I would like to thank you for being you 👏❤️ Happy Friday! #hermes #hermeskelly32 #gristourterelle #neutralista #silkin#montreal #ottawa The paint and ahem few bite marks #gingy🐾 on that wallet are some of the very fond memories that no money could buy 😀 Happy Friday 😘


  • 9w ago in_hot_purseuit in_hot_purseuit

    it seems like a lucky charm wallet! 😬ive left mine in top my desk at school ran back literally 5 min later ... gone ... and on a reataurant counter ... gone ... sigh ... i love how it has paint n bite marks!

  • 9w ago sleektype4u sleektype4u

    The relief. Yes there are a few good people left. Not as many as dogs but still. 🙋🏻💞

  • 9w ago pursebop pursebop

    I still want to believe most are good 🙌🏼 honest and well wishing, you made me smile! Thank goodness you got it back 😜

  • 9w ago chamkegi chamkegi

    Beautiful outcome ✨🙏🏼😊 I like to believe the goodness in people till they prove me wrong 😫 then it's on them not me 😁 happy Friday and a great weekend ahead 😘🙏🏼 missing home #Montreal Canada 🇨🇦

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @len_na7 That is so amazing. You know someone could have made a quick buck with that bling. Few months ago, all of a sudden at work I realized, I didn't have my ring (my grandma's) that I never take off. I almost had a panic attack, I cried in the washroom..ugh, what a bad day....went to get water from the cafeteria/kitchen and there it was ...on the floor. phew.

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @sparkledolll aww that is so heart warming. Not everybody helps to get something in return is such a wonderful feeling to know. Happy Friday beautiful!

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @in_hot_purseuit I am sorry to hear that. Few years ago, I forgot a little package I had on me while traveling, get this - my passport, multiple currencies Dirham, Sterling, Euros, Canadian, left on the seat of a restaurant in Dubai. Went back to my hotel and realized "wait, where is my hotel key" ...Yeah, I know...I have lost almost everything in life lol. Went back to the restaurant and asked if they have seen something bla bla bla. The waiter said, please check where you were sitting. It was right there, sitting all pretty lol I blamed it on jet lag 😂😂 Happy Friday!

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @pursebop So far Montreal, Ottawa and Dubai has passed the test for me 😂😂😂😂 Happy Friday gorgeous 😘

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @bobmops_ The wallet has been Gingyfied 😂😂

  • 9w ago pursedreamz pursedreamz

    How amazing! There is amazing people out there ❤️❤️❤️

  • 9w ago dailyloves dailyloves

    Lucky there are good people in the world and it's always so nice to hear these stories. So happy this gorgeous wallet keeps coming back to you my dear....she's meant for u 😍😘😍

  • 9w ago pursebop pursebop

    @kugzz let's hope every situation in life proves goodness. Hug and wet kiss to Gingy ♥️

  • 9w ago ceciliascloset888 ceciliascloset888

    Omg... that is so stressful! Thankfully you got it back (twice) intact and unharmed! The only time I've lost my wallet was when I was 14 and I had $40 in there! Lol since then, I was so scared that I rarely carry any cash on me 🤣

  • 9w ago danamazzuca danamazzuca

    Makes my heart smile to know there are good people in the world! ♥️ give out good and you get good back! 😘😘😘

  • 9w ago luxepreloveduk luxepreloveduk


  • 9w ago mrs.k_____ mrs.k_____

    Gris T Kelly is my hg bag!!!! So dreamy!

  • 9w ago vibrantluxuries vibrantluxuries

    Love your wallet story!!❤️it's nice when random people do good things, it always makes me hopeful❤️I'm grateful for you listening to me, asking me if I really "need" another woc🙈 and being honest in your articles and with your feelings❤️happy Friday to you and Monsieur Extra🐶💙

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    aww Jen thank you.You are super sweet. I love chatting with you, always. I am grateful for you listening to me with all my question about colors, sizes etc. lol. You are extremely patient and I love it. I hope Ollie is doing well and not sitting on you right now 😂😂 Have a wonderful weekend❤️😘 @vibrantluxuries

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @chamkegi I love your attitude and how you perceive situations. You are big ball of positive energy. When are you coming to your Canadian home? Enjoy your weekend!

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @ceciliascloset888 you won't even believe this. I use credit card to even buy my coffee in the morning. I never have cash but every time I lost my wallet, I had money..ugh, like where was I going with US and Euros to be exact 😂

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @dailyloves I totally believe you. It's like I tried all measures to lose it but it kept coming back to me 😂😂 Have a wonderful weekend babe ♥️

  • 9w ago chamkegi chamkegi

    @kugzz no plans as yet going to London next week for a week 😳😳😳 I know 😕 in November probably for few days to Montreal 😍 will keep you posted

  • 9w ago chamkegi chamkegi

    And thank you for beautiful kind words 😘😘🙏🏼

  • 9w ago atelierforward atelierforward

    Love this story. 😀Thanks for sharing! Yes there are still good samaritans in the world. Always try to remind myself of that when I'm frustrated

  • 9w ago bahsicbee bahsicbee

    Thanks for sharing this! I, too, often say that "humans are the worst", but sometimes it's so encouraging and heartwarming when we are reminded otherwise! I left my wallet at the student union when I was studying abroad in college. Had a fair bit of cash and ballet tickets in it. Was gone for hours before I realized I had left it behind, but when I went back, someone had turned it into the Lost & Found, and not even the tickets were taken! ❤️

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @atelierforward thank you! We are in a same boat. I have always tried to pay these gestures forward. All the bad we hear but it is awesome to know that there is still more good than bad out there. Happy weekend 😘

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @danamazzuca this is exactly I believe in. Good in and good out. Enjoy your weekend black swan ❤️😘

  • 9w ago modernbillionaire modernbillionaire

    Simply the best

  • 9w ago megsclosetconfessions megsclosetconfessions

    That's awesome. So happy for you. Glad you got it back.

  • 9w ago kugzz kugzz

    @bahsicbee wow that was really nice. This planet is still an awesome place because of the goodness out there. Thank you for sharing. Happy Sunday!

  • 9w ago tonkamama_tpf tonkamama_tpf

    What a great news 👏🏻 there are many good and honest people 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • 9w ago danamazzuca danamazzuca

    @kugzz black Swan enjoyed her weekend so much!!!!! I hung with mama the whole weekend. We binged on Netflix lol. I should probably take a freakin pic for IG 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • 9w ago missfuchsia missfuchsia

    Love your story! Yes support means everything in times of trouble 🙏❤️

  • 9w ago just_jayney_ just_jayney_

    @kugzz what a fabulous story 🙏🏼❤️ so refreshing to hear there are good people left in the world 🌎😘

  • 9w ago mehrnaz_gorges mehrnaz_gorges

    Such a wonderful story ♥️

  • 9w ago winesocietydiva winesocietydiva

    I echo the comment made by many others: you are extremely lucky and blessed. What's your lucky charm??? 😍

  • 8w ago bohegirl bohegirl

    Gorgeous 💛💛💛

  • 8w ago premeyumlife premeyumlife

    Glad u got it back love 👍🏻❤️

  • 8w ago iamckjune iamckjune

    I usually do that with my phone 💚 once left my hand bag at the super market and went to the counter then remembered when I had to pay. Then panicked luckily no one had taken it.

  • 5w ago sarahthenelizabeth sarahthenelizabeth

    Wow those are wonderful stories, it's true there are lots of good humans out there. 💛

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