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  • 43w ago yngimn yngimn

    wahhhhhh love you oppa

  • 43w ago mobb98 mobb98

    Wow 역시 패션쟁이

  • 43w ago pollenlong pollenlong

    omg!u r so handsome

  • 43w ago fitrealistis fitrealistis

    야 아버지............. 🙌 💓 @realllllmino

  • 43w ago theainsyabeera theainsyabeera

    Oi ko hensem gila la ok

  • 43w ago ddadwinner ddadwinner


  • 43w ago jiyun.960222 jiyun.960222

  • 43w ago ebonymissingu ebonymissingu


  • 43w ago foxyhwangg_ foxyhwangg_

    Penitinya astaga 😂😂 bang dapet peniti segedong gtu beli dimana bang ?😂

  • 43w ago tybjj_____80 tybjj_____80


  • 43w ago mi0ll_3 mi0ll_3

    Ohh 😲 song mino ❤️✌🏼

  • 43w ago peiberyl peiberyl


  • 43w ago jusstinaechaa jusstinaechaa

    smoga diizinkan bisa bertemu ya kapan kapan

  • 43w ago sujiaomm sujiaomm


  • 43w ago aurora_2311 aurora_2311

    eat well.. rest well.. sleep well.. that's all u needed son ^^ hope u'll doing fine today hv a nice day.. love u always & bless u son @realllllmino

  • 43w ago fanximo_ fanximo_

  • 43w ago fanximo_ fanximo_


  • 43w ago 0907crystal 0907crystal

    스코틀랜드 사람같오 ㅋㅋ

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  • 42w ago iinmilania_ iinmilania_

    Oleh-olehnya leh ughaa @realllllmino

  • 42w ago _xxwnxx_ _xxwnxx_

    Love you

  • 42w ago nagevin nagevin


  • 42w ago kimbokjoosarang kimbokjoosarang

    Show me your face b 😘

  • 40w ago 11wiwojd 11wiwojd


  • 38w ago liz.onmonday liz.onmonday

    does anyone know the bag he's carrying?????

  • 35w ago fah_yaak fah_yaak


  • 34w ago djuli.oliveira_ djuli.oliveira_

    My Fan Love is one of the most beautiful ways to represent love, for you, my angel, is to love even distant, but still love. Be extremely strong by overcoming criticism and distance. It is to want this happy person always and for this to do several crazy things just to see my idol with that smile on his face, that for me, a smile of yours and the best thing, because with that smile we managed to smile too, I wish to give a hug in you my wonderful angel, I am very happy in every conquest, and always be accompanying and supporting you my idol, even distant, I am with you always in the HEART 💗 It is very good to do something for my idol and win a SMILE in return, a simple gesture more than a great VALUE. That is why I always write to you my angel, to convey in words all my admiration, respect, affection, pride to be your fa. love you forever .🤗💗💗💗💗🇧🇷🇧🇷💋

  • 30w ago win_ner00 win_ner00

    Thank you for being part of my life ♥️

  • 28w ago win_ner00 win_ner00

    Love u

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