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Yo Ak.. (not ock, ahk I spell it my way) let me get some backwoods


  • 35w ago sheisaboutbiz sheisaboutbiz

    Jersey ass store tho this ain't Harlem lol

  • 35w ago hardwoodsracing hardwoodsracing

    My nigga

  • 35w ago royalfresh25 royalfresh25

    i told these niggaz its "ak" lol they wouldnt listen though been saying that shit πŸ˜‚

  • 35w ago calling_embrace_9674 calling_embrace_9674

    Salute Killa !! When you doing that Killa Season 2 ?? I was in part 1 - I was the cell Phone guy on the Corner with You and Jules - that movie was a classic - plus you made us Actors feel great with our own trailers free clothes and Cash at the ending of the day - On the real you help change my life as far as helping me to realize Dreams - still out here plugging if u need some official Actors count me in With all Due Respect ✊🏿πŸŽ₯πŸŒŽπŸ™πŸΏ

  • 35w ago vjspin vjspin

    @vraawwd look at the caption πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 35w ago newhotwheelcollectors newhotwheelcollectors

    Wood roller are real smoker,πŸ’ͺ Good stuff killa

  • 35w ago vraawwd vraawwd

    @vjspin omg lmfaooooo so you 😩😭😭

  • 35w ago chef_capcnb chef_capcnb

    @rajihmilller Lmfao

  • 35w ago moussallini moussallini

    Sometimes it's too late

  • 35w ago moussallini moussallini

    I don't want the fake love ❀️ now ya said ya was gon rob me continue #Harlem

  • 35w ago orlando_ny orlando_ny

    It's actually a more accurate spelling

  • 35w ago ock__guu ock__guu

    Ock πŸ₯‚βœ¨

  • 35w ago gwapgetter gwapgetter

    Backwoods all day broody we don't do frontos

  • 35w ago therealstylesgrippalot therealstylesgrippalot

    It's Ahki you horse and carriage ass nigga lml πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  • 35w ago pat.tim pat.tim


  • 35w ago westportsfinest westportsfinest

    Naw B them backwoods nasty asf Sweets Baby!!

  • 35w ago elevatedhairbytiffaney elevatedhairbytiffaney

    Backwoods factory washed away in the storm so you gotta buy up all what's left BC its a wrap for those smh.

  • 35w ago c.rai_ c.rai_

    Russian Creme

  • 35w ago djglo1017 djglo1017

    Gang gang

  • 35w ago lakeside_ambassador lakeside_ambassador

    What happened to the dutchmasters ? @mr_camron

  • 35w ago yaboim.o.e yaboim.o.e


  • 35w ago t_t456 t_t456

    You're right it should be comes from the word Akhi which means brother in Arabic

  • 35w ago lennycoco lennycoco

    Still wit the pink πŸ’―

  • 35w ago iamshanchan iamshanchan

    Let me get some frontos!!

  • 34w ago blac.indie blac.indie

    Lool I hear that 🀣

  • 33w ago picturethisoficial picturethisoficial

    Shit you smoke backwoods? Well we need you on Our podcast called Smokin & Jokin...

  • 33w ago k.noaj k.noaj


  • 33w ago k.noaj k.noaj


  • 31w ago sneakerjunkies sneakerjunkies

    Hahaha. Akhi

  • 30w ago ilovewhenyouenvyme100 ilovewhenyouenvyme100

    I hope you really hit da blunt... Sighs ya ass be scared to hit it & ya don't be That high... I be yelling hit it Cam... πŸ˜‚

  • 28w ago cake_been_bake_fuckem_we_ball cake_been_bake_fuckem_we_ball

    U smoke backwoods i thought u was a dutch master man killa

  • 28w ago yababymama_hateme yababymama_hateme

    You still with juju?

  • 26w ago jhgjsjkneknskshfk jhgjsjkneknskshfk fluked it swear the i doo part then i just shaved it let that be heard swear not planed swear my word

  • 26w ago jhgjsjkneknskshfk jhgjsjkneknskshfk go right into 1:29 130w.e.

  • 26w ago jhgjsjkneknskshfk jhgjsjkneknskshfk check that one just flowy

  • 25w ago kanyekanyekanyekanye kanyekanyekanyekanye

    U wanna be mozzy so bad

  • 4w ago blessings_from_you blessings_from_you

    Man I love how you have always been down to earth guy, I remember when I first met you several times you spoke and looked out for me in columbus ohio, you came into our store got you a pair of air force tops first time I saw you buy red, you had a red earing on under your do-rag but you was cool as shit then ask about opening your store in Dublin ohio, after that you signed a shirt and told me to behave, then I saw you in front of the club envy in columbus in white range rover there was a line and you said out of the line there I got you ma, let her in in front of the line that's when I learned more about inspiration to do better in my life God bless you cam, real shit love ya because you are very humble

  • 4w ago mutah6000 mutah6000


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