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The real Yoruba demon πŸ˜ͺ😭😭; shoutout to the people that sent this to me.. from @Repost from @asirimagazine using @RepostRegramApp - Josiah Henryson Doherty(1866- 1928) Merchant Prince, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur.
He was one the the wealthiest Nigerians of his time. He attended St Peter's school Faji and the CMS Training School, Lagos. In 1891, he set up an Import/Export business in Lagos with Β£47 seed money. He soon became fabulously wealthy opening branches in Osogbo, Lokoja, Zaria and Kano. He lived in a palatial mansion at 5, Campos Square, Lagos. He was a great philanthropist who sponsored many people and worthy causes. He owned over 80 houses and owned many racehorses. Doherty married 22 wives, had 44 children and over 200 grandchildren. He died in 1928 and was buried at Ikoyi cemetery. His funeral was a huge spectacle attended by thousands.

source: The Prince Merchant- Biography of Oga J.H Doherty by Jonathan Doherty Henryson Oladipo Balogun. Credit :NNP#heritage #culture #ASIRIMagazine #lagos #iconic #greatnigerians #isaleeko #instagramers #doherty #horseracing #wealthylife #philanthropy #yorubademon #sundayvibes



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