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Instagram post by @buckshotbdi Buckshot

I like this sound💲


  • 26w ago whoisyungeli whoisyungeli

    Im tryna get like you ! 😂💪🏿💪🏿

  • 26w ago bronxpacino bronxpacino

    Come on buck don't follow those trends that's corny

  • 26w ago djparente45 djparente45


  • 26w ago yeoldjaezus yeoldjaezus


  • 26w ago odd_world17 odd_world17

    There's a disconnect we don't call that money over here

  • 26w ago deko_suuuuuu deko_suuuuuu

    money talks!

  • 26w ago cr33msoda cr33msoda


  • 26w ago datwon datwon


  • 26w ago elz_1988 elz_1988

    And I'm paid out my rectum ... who got da props

  • 26w ago elz_1988 elz_1988

    And I'm paid out my rectum ... who got da props

  • 26w ago tiqboom tiqboom


  • 26w ago outlawrbgzalute outlawrbgzalute


  • 26w ago mensahajanaku2 mensahajanaku2

    Make sure aome of that gets recycled back into the African community Buck. Much respect! Check my dialect from my diaphragm...

  • 26w ago d_fard_da_god d_fard_da_god


  • 26w ago d_fard_da_god d_fard_da_god

    Stop supporting the wackness

  • 26w ago d_fard_da_god d_fard_da_god

    I see Buck co-signing what they're doing

  • 26w ago hailabag hailabag

    Get yours my Nig but most importantly live Righteously!!!XXX!!!

  • 26w ago nigglitious nigglitious

    Lol😂 straight up troublemaker

  • 26w ago nigglitious nigglitious

    Buckshot about to have everybody going apeshit on some money phone shit all over again DWL

  • 26w ago dreliljack dreliljack

    Me & pmatic re made one of your songs called over here check it out...!!! 🔥🔥🔥🗽

  • 26w ago gb_mediaworld gb_mediaworld

    The #1 Original Gun ClamPa

  • 25w ago buckshotbdi buckshotbdi

    Money phone waste joke lol I been getting it

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