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Met up with a friend for a long and lovely catch up today. A time when a "let's meet for a coffee!" actually happens with someone. Why does that feel so rare now? We talked. "Everyone is busy these days. Everyone is buying houses / having babies / getting married... which is ace... and I'm just standing still." You peek into the digital (much like peeking at this wedding while out today) and you can feel like you're stilted in comparison. It's better to think "I'm not stalled - just going at my own pace." Friendships and checking in with people on that route makes the journey that bit more enjoyable... and maybe checking out of the digital can make it better too 🤝💕

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  • 49w ago littledoodles littledoodles

    Love this ❤️

  • 49w ago secondhandroseworcester secondhandroseworcester

    Gosh I so feel like this at the moment! Need to put the phone down and go see some pals obviously!

  • 49w ago ian_homer ian_homer

    Looks a bit tropical 🌴 for Hackney!

  • 49w ago ladyvelo ladyvelo

    @littledoodles ❤️ thank you x

  • 49w ago ladyvelo ladyvelo

    @secondhandroseworcester I've been feeling like this for longer than I cared to admit 😞 Go see friends! Hook up with them and just chew the fat and check in one another... the digital can wait. It's the digital promises that get tiring... but that's a whole other story x

  • 49w ago therunningshepherdess therunningshepherdess

    I've tended to stay away from instagram recently for the same reason, it seems like everyone elses lifes are so full and wonderfully exciting.

  • 49w ago sequinsandleather sequinsandleather

    Yes, this sounds so familiar to me! It’s quite reassuring to see this! 😁

  • 49w ago ladyvelo ladyvelo

    @therunningshepherdess It can often feel like a bit of a "I'm doing life all wrong" sinkhole. Been spending a lot of time thinking about this and other related stuff that I've been burying for a while. A strange feeling of disconnect that won't go away x

  • 49w ago stepharoo7 stepharoo7

    Oh I so feel you in this one Jools!!! ❤️

  • 49w ago ladyvelo ladyvelo

    @sequinsandleather It seems to be a constant feeling at the moment... but going at your own pace and quitting comparing has got to be the step forward, right?!

  • 49w ago ladyvelo ladyvelo

    @stepharoo7 Life in a very digital age can just be a bit 🙃That and questioning friendships because of it is even more 🙃 xx


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