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5th affirmation. This, at least I thought, was the one I was most on point with in my life already. I work and live on the 4th floor always use the stairs, i drink water and eat right and exercise. The thing I wasn’t doing was listening to my body, I shake off any pain or discomfort, just push through. Why? Cause I didn’t want to do what it takes to get my body back in order. Went to the doctor to find out I have tears in my shoulders that need healing and my spine is all over the place, bent like a bow. Finally found a good chiropractor and I’m on a 6 month program to get straightened out, literally. In addition I went to the dentist to work on everything that needed to be done including invisalign to correct my overbite. Our bodies are our temples and we only have one. We’ll take a car for a regular tune up and ignore ourselves. Balance is the key 🔑 👊🏼🤙🏼



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