Instagram post by @northlore_creative Alexis G

My thoughts have been a little stormy lately with just a touch of light poking through. I've had about all the change and upheaval I can handle in the last few months and now that I finally have time to process everything, I've been trapped in my own head. So glad to be heading to @descendonbend this weekend to connect with friends I met during a particularly inspiring time in my life. The best way I know how to handle too much introspection is fresh air, a cold beer, meeting new like-minded people and some laughs around a campfire with friends. Plus, I love Oregon. I mean, California is beautiful and all but I'm finding it's a touch too sunny for my dark little soul 🙃
PSA: the internet and hashtags tell us we should always be happy even if we're struggling and that leads to a certain amount of shame for allowing ourselves to feel the full spectrum of human emotion. Just a reminder that vulnerability is courage and it's okay to be sad sometimes.


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