Instagram post by @kelseychristinephoto Kelsey Christine Medeiros

@karriescottgarcia walking in her God-given authority, slaying lies and those hot palazzo pants simultaneously. Shout out to @thesometimespoet for having my back on this shoot! You're amazing. ...
For so many years, I believed perfection was attainable. It wasn't a conscious belief but looking back, my worth was almost completely dependent on my accomplishments. My heart was hard and I fought to prove I was worthy of love. But striving for perfection is more than an uphill battle, it's a DEAD END. And missing the mark does not make me a failure, it makes me human. There is no freedom in the performance-driven life and I choose freedom! And the victory I've been grasping for is His. #yoursisthevictory #byebyepride #iwasalmostlosttoreligion #worthyoftheonewhocametosaveus #whatifwebelievedit #erickajonesyouretheonlyonewhowillgetthesetags


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