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  • 33w ago rageworks rageworks

    Definitely hype!

  • 33w ago theejerry608 theejerry608


  • 33w ago bradeybeamer bradeybeamer

    What’s different?

  • 33w ago mahtar_miirontaro mahtar_miirontaro


  • 33w ago tnwxsparks tnwxsparks


  • 33w ago rocknflip rocknflip

    so s1 ryu game strong again?

  • 33w ago f.l.y.pack f.l.y.pack

    Akuma is KING

  • 33w ago the1likesaf the1likesaf

    @f.l.y.pack you god damn right he is!

  • 33w ago corey_k_san82 corey_k_san82

    @bradeybeamer there is an arcade mode, andbthere will be a second V trigger. This new edition is a completely FREE update, as it will include all the dlc characters and stages!!!!!!

  • 33w ago corey_k_san82 corey_k_san82

    @the1likesaf I only have the recently acquired game, but no PS4 yet, and I'm SUPER STOKED!!!

  • 33w ago xelefov_81 xelefov_81

    Yeees! Super😎😎😎💪💪💪

  • 33w ago lightcloud91 lightcloud91

    Look awesome! It’s about time! 👏

  • 33w ago pyrochea pyrochea

    Freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 33w ago lightningstrikes66 lightningstrikes66

    Me Too, I hope we get to keep this Intro. I never got to see the SFV Edition Intro 😢

  • 33w ago rokumoto1987 rokumoto1987

    I'm akuma

  • 33w ago dhabyany79 dhabyany79

    @piercingpencils if it doesn't have the Super and Ultra, then it isn't good. Still prefer USF4

  • 33w ago veryboringpics veryboringpics

    not hyped on the name! but def hyped on the arcade mode and new "user interface" and other details. give this game some new flair!

  • 33w ago robbiefilth robbiefilth

    I dunno.... Always been a huge sf fan but so far 5 has just pushed me away constantly. Every other franchise has done it better recently, Mortal Kombat, KOF, Guilty Gear, Tekken.... In my opinion these blow sf5 out the water and make sf5 look like the embarrassing little brother of fighting games. Haha

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