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Instagram post by @placeboworld OFFICIAL PLACEBO INSTAGRAM.

Tomorrow morning, 6th October, the Placebo Rarities Charity Auction items come to their climax! Don’t forget to check the ending time on anything you are bidding on. We have also had a lot of questions about getting things signed, have you seen there is a special ‘signed’ section on the online catalogue? Auction.placeboworld.co.uk


  • 20w ago colognanja colognanja

    ?!? Aaaarrrr! I checked it at least ten times a day. 😆😍🤗

  • 20w ago tiffmooney_90 tiffmooney_90

    Amazing ❤️

  • 20w ago elizadeinze elizadeinze

    Existencias hasta el 6 de Octubre

  • 20w ago alexiaxsg alexiaxsg

    Omg amazing !!!!!

  • 20w ago jocelyn_slv jocelyn_slv

    ❤ buen día 😘

  • 20w ago xxemogenxx xxemogenxx

    I'm so sad that I'm 13 and cannot buy this stuff😭

  • 20w ago golfbobs golfbobs

    Very lucky to get Meds cd cover signed at the start of the @placeboworld auction

  • 20w ago placebo_fans_greece placebo_fans_greece

    I wonder who Will take the pure morning shirt

  • 20w ago mag.danceforever mag.danceforever


  • 20w ago julipuch julipuch


  • 20w ago paisleighmoon paisleighmoon

    Got my signed Meds cover WOOO! <3

  • 20w ago marcheline_a marcheline_a

    Wow! Awesome! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • 20w ago loonylil0r loonylil0r

    Glad I own a signed Sleeping With Ghosts copy with dedication. 😎😎😎

  • 20w ago bluewatersprite bluewatersprite

    Bidding on things for my 15 yr old for Christmas. Hopefully I can get something for my 27 yr old and me also!

  • 20w ago bluewatersprite bluewatersprite

    Really wish y'all would come to southeast USA

  • 20w ago bloeyscott bloeyscott


  • 20w ago blackeyeed_ blackeyeed_

    I'll bid today on a few items I'm interested in hehe. I really hope I can get them 🙌🏽

  • 20w ago miaucifer miaucifer

    @thestx 😭😭😭😭

  • 20w ago heythereddelilah heythereddelilah

    @kaandemirkol6 şu single kapaklarının güzelliklerine baksana allaşkına

  • 20w ago kaandemirkol6 kaandemirkol6

    @heythereddelilah bi tane hacılasak mı ya kuzucum

  • 20w ago mainespinsrecords mainespinsrecords

    Got a bunch of vinyl from the buy now section. I’m hyped and can’t wait for them to arrive! Thanks @placeboworld!! 😘

  • 20w ago tzipor336 tzipor336

    WOW!😍 Amazing!!! 💜🙏🙌

  • 20w ago thestx thestx

    @miaucifer me duele tanto está subasta. Sufro mucho viendo los items 💔

  • 20w ago ketilgranholt ketilgranholt

    Ahhhhh I wan't some...💚 placebo

  • 20w ago houseofplaceboaustralia houseofplaceboaustralia

    I tried so hard and bidded on so many things but kept getting outbid. I'm devastated for me but I'm so happy for everyone that won items !

  • 20w ago terrimcclay terrimcclay

    Congratulations to all of the ones who one on the bids, you are so immaginably,lucky to have such iconic memorabilia of Bri /Placebo, I wish I could've had more cuz I woulda wanted it all 😀but to those who have a peace of Bri, you are so lucky,enjoy it,❤

  • 20w ago c.h.l.o___c.h.l.o c.h.l.o___c.h.l.o

    Is anyone having problems with their orders??!!? Paid and none have been dispatched. Quite worried.....

  • 19w ago mbn1416 mbn1416

    Ordered and got a signed cd. So happy to know its mine

  • 1w ago fjr.javier fjr.javier

    El mejor álbum, muchos recuerdo buenos y malos 😔

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