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😬😎 #tbt #secondhome


  • 67w ago photosensitivity photosensitivity

    Come to Alaska bro, I’ll show you around! @jgreen_37

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  • 67w ago realstevencruz realstevencruz

    What r u doing the U.S. needs u

  • 67w ago troygordonnyc troygordonnyc

    Fly to nyc brother it's the best home 😂

  • 67w ago bayern.arabian bayern.arabian

    ارجع بايرن

  • 67w ago vodiesavage vodiesavage

    That’s my cousin 😬

  • 67w ago jxlia.___ jxlia.___

    @kaaathriin__ haha

  • 67w ago myhipisbrokeen myhipisbrokeen

    Julie I better see you putting in more effort than ever this season. You were at Bayern for a reason dude. YOU DESERVE to be talked about as much as Dempsey, pulisic, altidore, all of them! Your consistency is the only reason you aren't at the top flight. You gotta want it every game like it's your last. You wanted more playing time and your chance is here so show everyone why you're a huge asset to Germany(where I was born) AND the U.S.A. (where I live)you're going to be a key player in the national team in the next 5 years, I know it. The thought of you and pulisic linking up for a goal is absolutely mad lol just a drunk fan with a bit of encouragement

  • 66w ago soundsofwar soundsofwar

    They needed you. You would've done better than most of those players.

  • 66w ago soundsofwar soundsofwar


  • 63w ago inkedup_reed96 inkedup_reed96

    Bruh you not even starting for a bottom tier 2 team... What happened...

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  • 26w ago tanjabrockmannofficial tanjabrockmannofficial

    Niceeee 💜💜💜

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